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God said:

No one likes to be wrong, and no one likes to admit he is wrong. Substitute the word mistaken. Mistaken is a little easier to swallow. Being mistaken is part of life, and so you grow. In this way, you can be glad you made a mistake, for through such errors, you grow. Do you like making mistakes? Not at all. And yet you grow, and so you climb another rung in the ladder of life.
A time will come when you are much less mistaken and come from understanding more.
It is a form of greatness to admit you learned something you needed to learn. This form of greatness is called humility. Yes, life humbles you. You noticed I said humbles you, not humiliates you. When you feel humiliated, even embarrassed, ashamed, when you deeply regret and feel emotion in regard to it, it is ego that makes you blush and humiliates you, and, by now, you know it’s time to get over ego, get past it. It is with yourself that you must let bygones be bygones. You take an action, yet you do not assail yourself about it. You know, dear ones, that ego pulls out theatrics. You don’t do theatrics any longer. Remove your coat of mail, your bullet-proof vest, your carrying of arms. No longer stomp on yourself. It is the same as your having spilled coffee. You simply wipe it up, and be done with it.
Be done with regrets. No one said you were perfect anyway. You told yourself you had to be perfect, and you made too big a deal of it. A mistake is a mistake. It is not unforgivable. You must forgive yourself, and let it go. Making a mistake does not demean you. Be happy you found out your mistake. Don’t compound it. Sack cloths and ashes went out of style a long time ago.
Always in life, you are to move on. You move on from low points, and you move on from high points. You move on. You don’t harangue anyone including yourself. What? Are you supposed  to put yourself down because you learned something? Maybe your not understanding served the other person as well, and, then, your service was over. This is a daily occurrence.
Don’t think so much, I say to you.  Think less, love more. Love yourself more. Congratulate yourself for learning. Pat yourself on the back. You learned something. You are a human being who learns. Learning is progress. And you progress. And sometimes you make progress fast, and sometimes you make progress slowly. The thing is that you make progress. Life on Earth is not a science, beloved. It is an art, and you are becoming an artist of life. This is wonderful.
Artists do not paint perfectly the first time, and yet they paint. Composers may not compose perfectly. Human beings may not live perfectly in their own eyes or in the eyes of others. And those who judge themselves or others do not judge perfectly either. You look for a crime where there is none. Rather, a misdemeanor.
In the world, everything is changing. The rules are changing. You are not to expect perfection from yourself or any other. In the world, what is perfection today already isn’t perfection tomorrow. Yet, at the same time, from My vantage, everything is perfect. Everything is perfectly as it is. Even errors are perfect in their moment. Even the unwanted is perfectly unwanted.
Be good to yourself. Be good to others. Be forgiving. A dropped stitch in knitting is a dropped stitch. It is not a crime. Even if you commit a crime, you see it as necessary and, therefore, not a crime. Later, if you are sorry, be sorry, and then move on.
You are learning to let the past go and move on.