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Wisdom and Contemplative Thought

Channeled by Paul Marwood

We wish to talk to you today about the inner act of wisdom. For what is wisdom? Wise thoughts, thoughts that give guidance to actions, thoughts of greater and deeper contemplation, thoughts of greater and deeper consideration, the thoughts that are in greater alignment with the divine connection. In the human perspective it’s like taking a step back and looking at the big picture.

Taking more of the factors into account than just the raw emotions in the moment, so that you are coming from a place of greater knowingness, rather than reaction (where in this place of reaction, more often than not, it is your “stuff” as you call it), which is quite often pushing your buttons, creating an emotion, which is leading you to a thought, which then leads you to an action.

Whereas, thoughts of wisdom come from a place where you are centered, contemplative, and thoughtful. You are tuned into what is around you and what is happening to you, but the thoughts are coming from a greater perspective where you are simply observing the emotions and the reactions that you have.

Q and A With A Higher Self Channel

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LaurenOctober2014Hello. My name is Lauren and I am a Higher Self channel.

Being a Higher Self channel was something that came into my life, probably as a bigger surprise to me than to any person reading this article. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that I had never heard of it or even imagined it, and that the first time I encountered someone doing it, I felt a mixture of fascination and extreme skepticism. The first time I channelled Andrea (my HS) for someone else, I was again fascinated, skeptical and also hugely resistant. The process of understanding and embracing this part of myself has been a fluid and flowing spiral that has taken years. I’m truly thankful to the special people I have met in my life who encouraged me, supported me and had a stronger understanding of the importance of accepting this part of myself than I did.

Though I talk about the concepts of Higher Self and HS channelling regularly with my private clients and students, it was not until recently that I sat down to try to verbalise the “who, what, how, and why”. I hope to be able to relate some of the understandings I have come to over the years, and possibly provide some clarification for those who are wondering just exactly what a Higher Self and a HS channel are.

What is a Higher Self?

A Higher Self is the higher dimensional aspect of you. We live in a multi-dimensional universe, and all of us are participating and interacting with multiple dimensions all the time. Our physical bodies are our third dimensional representation at a soul level. However, our souls are also expressing themselves and interacting with many other dimensions simultaneously. Some people, such as myself, have awareness of our multi-dimensionality and regularly interact with it. We all have that potential, depending on how much time and attention we want to give it.

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My Perspective on Kathryn May’s Resignation from Channeling

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Written by Wes Annac

I just read a post from channel Kathryn May about her decision to stop channeling (, which she made because she’s tired of false promises she received from her sources about the financial revaluation and various other subjects that are popular with some segments of the conscious community.

I notice that in a lot of channeled messages, there’s an air of “something grand and magnificent will happen on XXX date”, and personally, I don’t think this sort of information is very helpful to seek from channeled sources.

I think our intentions and the things we want to learn or hear when we channel determine the type of information we receive and the entities we connect with. If we genuinely want to learn about ascension or the spiritual nature of our existence, then the entities we connect with will be naturally aligned with spirit (as would we) and they’ll give us a lot of interesting information.

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We wish to once again speak of love, to examine the energy of love as Oneness because an understanding of Love is the foundation of ascension. The world in general is confused about love and manifests this outwardly through concepts and beliefs based in personal systems. We have said many times that love is the connecting energy of ONE manifesting as the many and is ever present, whether recognized and accepted or not.

Love does not come and go. It can be denied and resisted, but is ever present, like it or not. There are those who believe they can withhold or give love and third dimensional concepts of love can be manipulated, but this is not Love. Love is Omnipresent Divine Consciousness and when through ignorance or free will choice an individual ignores this, he experiences the manifestations of separateness.

You are creators, creating your own experiences according to either an enlightened or ignorant state of consciousness. Love/oneness cannot be escaped, for it is the reality--all there is, interpreted physically, emotionally, and mentally according to one's belief system.

Examine carefully any lingering beliefs you may still hold regarding love and recognize outside influences from the media, friends, habits, or experience that may be contributing to whatever concepts you still hold.  Ask yourselves; " What am I believing that makes me feel this way?" For most there will need to be deep and honest examination in order to discover it.

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There is nothing but Omnipresent Divine Consciousness!

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"In Truth, there is nothing but omnipresent Divine Consciousness which in the human scene is interpreted by mind and seen as material. The third dimension views life through a filter of separation as well a belief that everything is either good or bad (duality).  More often than not, one's individual belief system has been simply accepted without thought from the world consensus consciousness.

It is a very important to remember that thoughts you may have are not really yours until you accept  them as your own.  The thoughts and beliefs of world consciousness are floating around always available to be claimed as truth or not.  Allowing uninvited thoughts to simply flow through without giving them any importance is a reclaiming of your power and movement into truth.  Resistance to unwanted ideas or thoughts simply gives them a power they do not have."

Love Fills You Like Light - Heavenletters

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God said:

In Heaven, there is no such thing as Hurry Up, nor is there such a thing as Slow Down. Hurrying up and slowing down are not even a possibility in Heaven. In Heaven, an idea pulsates. It is instant. There is no planning it, no making a big decision, no board meetings. The idea is done. It is over. It circulates across the Universe, for there is no time in Heaven to speculate in. There is Infinity which leaves the concept of time out. Time in Heaven is an impossibility. Time does not accumulate in Heaven.
There are no storage places in Heaven as well. There is no stopping-off place either. Think of the most solid happy time in your life on Earth, when all was easy, and all was sweet like a dream come true, and you will have a thimbleful of how loving it is in Heaven. It’s not that you flit in Heaven. No landing place is needed or offered. There is no cleaning or upkeep that has to be done. Great mobility in Heaven. No barriers. When you think about it, are not time and space barriers on Earth?
In Heaven there are no boundaries to break, for there are no boundaries.

Shine in the Glory God Made You - Heavenletters

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God said:

To what end do you try to keep up with everyone else? You are you and not someone else. Of course, I am speaking in terms of the world, for, in truth, everyone you compare or contrast yourself with is you. On Earth, your individuality and personality are stellar.
There is no reason for you to follow everyone else, to attempt to, or attempt not to. Just be.
You don’t have to be an athlete or a scholar or anything else at all. All you have to do is to be you. There is no reason to sidetrack yourself. I want to say that what you desire to be, you already are, yet that doesn’t quite work for you. Perhaps you want to be a movie star, and you aren’t. Yet you are a life star. You are certainly the star of your life. Whatever you desire to be in the world, you are, beloveds, much more than that.
How dear you are to Me as you sally forth in the world. You forget your keys, or you forget the directions to where you are going. You may even forget where you are going, and, yet, just the same, you sally forth. You sally forth on a mission from Me. You may have forgotten. You most likely have forgotten. When you get to where you are going, you will remember. You will know the route you took, and you will be glad to be where you are. You will, after all, see clearly where you are and who you are and what you mean to Me and to the world.
Right now, you can know your value. You can know your earthly value and your value on a larger scale, the value that you don’t quite recognize or count on. You are spectacular. You are one spectacular human being. I made you as you are meant to be. I meant you to shine in the glory I made you of. How to excel is simply by being yourself.

The Theme of Your Life - Heavenletters

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God said:

Am I not your Champion? I certainly am not opposed to you. I am for you. I am right with you by your side. You may struggle with Me. I do not struggle with you. I engage you in love. I know not struggle. I do not hold on. I embrace.
What can you not let go of in life? Who is it that you cannot let go of? What is it that you object to? Whatever it is, you have to let it go. Otherwise, you bear a grudge, and a grudge is an obstacle to your blossoming. It is uncalled for you to bear a grudge. It is unbecoming, and it is uncalled for.
Love is called for. Whatever satisfaction a grudge may give you, perhaps rites of scorn or rites of insecurity, you put boulders in front of you. You block and halt your moving forward.
It makes no sense to hold grudges, past or present. Sometimes you hold grudges in the future. Yes, in the future. You may see yourself defeated before the occasion. You are certain you will flunk a test, and you call out foul ahead of time. It is as if you plan malfeasance and attach it to someone else.
Have you not done that in life? If you say someone has done something that you cannot forgive, you bear a grudge. And if you get into the frame of mind that someone will reject you, you have set yourself up to be rejected. Do not let dismay become the theme of your life. Let letting go become the theme of your life. Be like the water. Let everything flow. Let even errors, yours and others, flow through you. Do not imprison them. Do not hang them up to dry.

The Evolution of the World

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God said:

You are vital and important to the world. Your giving is more important than your receiving. Yes, I say that very clearly without doubt. This is not to say that you are not to receive. This is to say: Receiving is not enough. Whatever boons you receive, give out so that others have the benefit as well.
You may not yet quite be clued in that everything you receive comes from Me. And everything that I give to you is not the end of the story, for everyone is One, and you are part of a chain that reaches out beyond yourself. You are not the end of the cycle. There is a further step. Remember Oneness. You expand yourself as you share. As you share, you receive more. Do not abscond yourself from sharing.
Sharing is natural. If you receive a pound of candy, you don’t have to give it all away. The fact is that in sharing, you gain. It is not always easy for My children to understand this principle of sharing. You may think of sharing as subtracting and having less. Sharing is the next step of gaining. Giving is gain, not loss. Sharing and giving expand you. The purpose of life is expansion.
When you receive a blessing, you are elevated. When you have sought and you have found, the elation is not meant for you alone. What you receive, you are to give. Receiving is not the end of the matter.


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