Awakening from our Dream State

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To wake up from your dream state...

It seems that what we gather from our awakening state, once we come out of our dream state, we can find enlightening proportions to what we uncover while we are within dream states...

These dream states are the same as when we are sleeping, except we are awake and aware... Simply in a type of dream state where we can make better usage of our creational capacities, as we encode or decode the world from within.

The awakened dream state is something very special, it seems to interconnect parts of a totality, working systems which we can disrupt and cause new venues to be implemented... The Ideas and the formations of constructs which we can work with is very conducive... Meaning it seems to interpersonalize the concepts attributable to higher consciousness while we are in semi awakened states, but simplified to the purpose of our dream states.

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