Back to Work, OK, But Not Back to Normal

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For all the cheers and pleas to go back to work, getting back to normal was never that normal. It bears the question. Has the 100th monkey stepped into the equation or to put it in another way, have enough people tasted the sweetness of life to say back to work, OK, but not back to normal?

I have to admit to a sick fascination. I go to Facebook once a day. Yup, I know. I'm not proud of it. It's negative for the most part. It's unruly. Heck, it's like life but even worse, twisted and manipulated.

In my adult role on this planet, I'm part of the specialized news media. I dig into my topics which I know very well. I shriek in horror when I sit with mainstream news journalists. They ask the strangest question betraying they know nothing of the topic. I shake my head thinking they reach millions and get paid easily five to 10 times more than my fighting wages. It gets even more frightening when we realize most people go to social media sites to get the news... the same sites that are overrun with bots, manipulative algorithms, and trolls.

I go to Facebook to see what the world is like outside. Since I can't go out as much and my social interactions are compartmentalized to other people who walk their dogs, I have a distorted view of the world. Dog owners are happy people for the most part. You will find those who lean to the left and those to right talk to those like me who are so independent an independent party would make me run the opposite direction.

Still, going on Facebook -- and yes, I know there are good groups there -- is an exercise in applying an ancient hermetic concept of getting to the fulcrum to avoid the pendulum swing while being aware of it.

Can you guess what the next topic is? One of my favorite, The Kybalion!