The Balm of God's Love

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God said:

My Beloved, drink out of My Cup. My Cup is filled to the brim with My love for you and each so-called other soul. The balm of My Love restoreth your Soul. It restoreth your awareness of your Soul. There is no gap except for within your awareness. In My Light, each Soul is beautiful! Where you may see gaps, fill them with love on the double.

It is truthful to say that you are innocent. The idea of innocence may be uplifting. I daresay that no one wants to be thought of as ignorant of a bigger picture even as this may well be the case.

I speak to every single heart in God’s Kingdom now. Truly, when you feel yourself superior to another, the thing to do is to stop right there. Refrain from judging. Judge not, not because you will be judged, for others already judge you. This isn’t anything new, this business of judging.

Judge not, yes, is good advice, because your spoken or unspoken judgment is how you dip into the Law of Otherness. Beloved, you don’t want to separate anyone from yourself or yourself from any so-called other. This is the error of judgment's ways.

In the world, it seems routine to believe fully in the concept of otherness. In making otherness indelible is when or where and how, in effect, you evict others from a Room at the Inn.

When you raise yourself higher and remark, if only to yourself, how shortsighted another may have revealed himself to be, you divide yourself, and so you create a him or a her, a thou and a they. And, so, you separate one seeming other from your heart and blandly erase Oneness from your awareness.

Beloved, you frown at how another may act in the world and hold yourself above an unloved entity whom you no longer offer to sit beside but now move away from an insubstantial idea of superiority.

Beloved, anyone you might look askance at is also you. The most unknowing of all are those who see themselves as higher than others. As soon as you frown at another, you forget your place in the Universe. What is your place in the Universe? Your place in the Universe is the same place as Mine, which is to raise hearts.

When you lower even one Being in your mind, you have lowered yourself. And so you believe in your own self-righteousness. You cast yourself aside as elite, smarter than one or another by virtue of your good fortune or perhaps by virtue of an illusory inborn supremacy. In the world, you may see putting yourself before another as the price of doing business. You may say it goes with the territory. You color yourself more beautiful with or without excuse.

Then you become one of the most innocent of all. The innocent you come to spurn may also exhibit qualities of leadership and loyalty, intelligence, and fortitude. In other ways, they may be generous and not callous at all. They may cry at a movie just as you do. They are energetic. They may not meet with your approval, however. Therefore, you may cast your shadow rather than light over them.

Everyone is learning. You too will no longer be so quick to paint the picture you do about another Beloved One when you come to see another’s appearance before his Beingness.

There are those who may sell themselves and others short. Anyone can do this. You may do this. No matter, you are My Beloved. Take a chance and come see as I do see.

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