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Step into Your Mastery

Be the Master You Came to be ~ in Your Life and in Your World

Ascended Master Kuthumi: 

 “In order to Be the Change, you must be a Master living as your Presence”


Master Kuthumi and Lady Claire:

“Within the core of your being, you are here to be the change. That is your reason for being. You are here to be the active expression and creativity of the Presence of God on the Earth plane. You came to be the change.

It is time for you to come on stage with your wand of Light and to demonstrate the gifts of your Presence that you have come to bring into the world. This is your appointed time to manifest your mastery and to make your spiritual dreams come true on the physical plane.

It is not life as usual; it is now life in the accelerated fast lane. Each person must come into their own power, their own blueprint, their own reason for not only wanting to be the change, but Being The Change!

The year 2015 is a turning point for humanity as there is great urgency for the planet and humanity to make a shift into unity consciousness and the 5th dimension.

Step into your mastery to Walk the Earth as a Living Master and be the change. Step beyond old ways of being and into your Greatness.

Create a new way that is so nourishing, so exciting, so filled with the joy of the potential to live in real love, real freedom, real health, real success, real peace and real happiness.

Create new paradigms, new ways of living, new ways of loving, new ways of eating, new ways of educating and being educated, new ways of coming together in groups, in councils, in families, and new ways of co-creating as masters.

You are invited to come together to co-create as living masters to establish a new Earth, a new way of living on Earth, a new way of being on Earth that will bring in a new generation of thinking, being, a new generation of living as masters on Earth, and a new way of understanding that you truly are co-creators with God and everything you do is expanding or not expanding Love and Light.

It is time to claim your mastery. Step into your mastery. Once you claim your mastery and you walk forth as the change, even if you go no further than your family, the energy that reverberates and emanates out from you creates the change.

We are the pioneers, the Wayshowers of a new way, a new generation of Divine Love and Light that honors and empowers everyone and all life.

You each have the ingredients for making this a reality now that can have a lasting effect on generations to come.

It’s now time to claim our mastery and raise the bar as masters to open the door to this new reality, to a new domain of enlightened beings living on Earth.


Note~ I have posted these excerpts because they express my own viewpoint...

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