Be Love in every moment. Written by Chellea

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Be Love in every moment.
Written by Chellea

If you have the internet now days, you are seeing it at every turn, Facebook twitter and youtube have blown up with disclosure.
The truth is even now exploding into the main stream media as well. The mass awakening is happening now. Many of us who have been spreading the truth are feeling as though progress is finally being made. The more people who awaken, the more light spreads across this planet.
These newly awakened souls will bring more power to the cause, bringing in the truths faster. Now more then ever are we needed to show the light, so all can find their way home.

Be of Love in every moment. With every thought, action, and word. Be the unity the we all talk and write about.
Release all your beliefs. Belief systems are all forms of separation. So many newly awakened have been misled by beliefs and fantasies.
Love is not a belief. Love is not a fantasy Love does not judge. Love is not limited. Love is not restricted. Love is not control. Love is not separated.
LOVE IS the only way home. By choosing love you stop believing that you are different. By choosing love you choose unity. unity with all that is. You are not different from your neighbor. You are not different from me. I am you. I am all. You are all. Its the moment to choose love. To unite with one another. To see yourself in your neighbors eyes. To know only love.

Each day gets brighter and brighter with the light, the frequencies are not letting up. We all can feel their intensity. Even the not so awaken, feel the change. Something is happening, something really big.
This is why it is so important to be love in every moment.  It is very easy to let yourself spiral down into the 3D way of thinking. Keep yourselves lifted above the waves. Let go of it all. let go of all your beliefs and fantasies. Releasing all to the light. Choose only love. Its that simple. Once you choose Love, you then replace the old programing with the new way of being. You replace your thoughts actions and words with only love. You then become love in every moment.
 It doesn't take a guru to learn this. It just takes you making the choice. once your being is only of love,
 miracles then can happen. Our mother earth is changing and our being is changing. The unknown awaits us.
Now is the moment to be love.

May all feel Love

I Am Love in every moment.