Be As You Are

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God said:

Beloved, be as you are with Me and with everyone else. I certainly don’t put pressure on you to be more like anyone else. The most you have to be is to be as you are. The most you can be is to be as you are.

My Love for you doesn’t come with a price tag. It’s perfectly fine for you to be you. Of course, I welcome you to the Universe with open arms.

Of course, accompany Me. I hold you close to Me and honor you. No matter what, you are My Beloved.

Certainly, it is easy for Me to love you just as easily as I tell My children to love one another. I do not stand on My high horse and put anyone down. You may be sure that My Heart’s desire isn’t to squash anyone. I would not be so foolish as to try to make you into someone else. I not only love you. I LIKE you!

Sometimes, the world seems callous.

What you are to know is that you are My Beloved. I do not give lip service to My ideals. I am incapable of not loving you with all My Heart. With all My Heart is the only way I know how to love.

Of course, everyone likes to give and receive love. Not everyone is ripe with awareness of love. The truth is that I am a natural, and so are you.

It may seem to you that the world has not welcomed you as you and I would wish. You have not seen all the evidence you want. Never mind, allow Me to fill your heart and take you with Me. Open yourself to Me. I will fill every nook and cranny of your heart and keep you close to Me, keep you deep in My Heart where love spills over. You are established near and dear to My Heart in My Heart. In My Heart is where you are loud and strong.

For one reason or another, you may feel that someone who isn’t you is seen more favorably. Dear Ones, this can only be a mistake of your intellect. Restore yourself. You are with Me. You accompany Me. I take you with Me. I take you with Me gladly.

It is said that I restore your Soul. Your Soul has never been missing. It may feel to you that something in you might be missing, or you would not feel misbegotten. You are right here with Me where I want you. I am with you. You belong in the Kingdom of Heaven, and here is where you are. Uplift yourself, Beloved. Rally around yourself.

Not one of My Children has to wait in the hall for Me. Step right up now. Accept yourself as the Beloved of God. Acknowledge Me as My Gift to you. I am your God full-square, and I love you fully. Walk through My gates. You will see how easy this is for you to do. There is nothing like you, and I adore you. Enter Heaven. Do not tiptoe. Never mind what you’re wearing. Forget prerequisites. My eyes are clear. I see beyond the eyes of the world. I see into your eyes. I love meeting your eyes. We exchange glances. We are entwined as One, and nothing can change this. I know how to love, and I love you fully and deeply. Try as you may, there is nothing you can do to cool down My Love. Accept all of My Love. Hold My Hand. Swing your arms. We shall climb the ramparts of the world as One. We are doing this right this moment. My Strength is yours. My Love is yours. Be My Love.

Feel My Love.

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