Before Beauty Began

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God said:

Beauty alone is. There is nothing else to behold. There is no other story to tell.

Beauty automatically arises as five Senses and Greater than these. There is nothing but Beauty.

Even so, there is awe at Beauty. Beauty exists for all. Beauty knows itself. There is Beauty to behold. All Life holds Beauty. Beauty alone. There is no opposite. There are no opposites. There is no Fairest of All when All is Beauty.

There is no more than Beauty nor is there anything less than Beauty. Beauty recognizes Itself. Beauty exists on its own terms. The Whole Universe is One Great Big Sigh of Awe upon the Earth as it revels in Beauty.

Beauty gazing upon Beauty is worth more than a Song, yet there is no price on a Song. There are no prices for admission or seats. Beauty is more than an idea. Beauty exists for all fair and square, greater than a first-come first-serve basis or on any basis whatsoever.

The Sun shines. Air exists to breathe. No one owns a thing. There are no sales. No purchases. No prices, no costs. Truth is known, and all is priceless. There are no price tags. There are no bidders. There is no pittance. Priceless is not even a thought nor is there a ticket to be seen nor a paid seat in the whole auditorium.

The world has not yet thought of penance or any kind of payment or exclusive profit. There are no tight ships yet.

Freedom means freedom. Nothing is for sale, and nothing is estimated or bartered. All the best things in Life are free.

There is nothing less than Love. Love is all, and it is a lot. There is no price on Love nor on Beauty. Love and Beauty are priceless. They are the same. They are as good as Gold. There are no two ways about it. What possible sense could a price war make?

Numbers have not as yet not taken form. Will prices come out of thin air? There are no prices yet to be seen. No one has thought of rolling up prices nor of marking them down. There are no bargains. There and no two ways about it. All is as free as air until someone has the thought of capturing air and selling it at road stations along the way.

Not for one minute is a price put on Love. Immeasureless is everyday Truth. Monopolies do not exist. Words have not yet been thought of. Who would think of them and why? No such need has arisen. Beauty nonetheless is held High without a price tag. All is Free Will, and Free Will is for all and at a moment’s breath.

Look, there are no numbers yet to count with. There is nothing to be considered as a gain. Naught can be lost.

All is Heart. Separation is not yet even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. Love reveals its magnificence. Price has not yet been conceived. Comparisons have not yet caught on. The world is dominated with Love. There is nothing less than Love. Love is All.

Counting hasn’t yet been thought of. Page Numbers are not yet taken into account. There are no summaries. There are no time constructs. There are no systems. There is nothing to be said. There is no making something out of nothing or vice versa.

Time isn’t pushed ahead nor is time pushed back. Manipulating the world hasn’t yet been discovered or put into place or named yet alone considered. There isn’t yet a now or later or before or after. There is no misappropriation. No misapprehension. There is no naming of the guard. All is as it appears.

Ah, simply, all is Beauty on Earth for the asking.

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