To Become ONE

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by Vanessa David

Sometime in life we need to come to the terms as to how we set ourselves free from that of our past that has kept us in chains denying the true potentials of our eternal grace by meeting what has haunted our minds of distasteful thoughts that brings emotions of tears and pain. We run and think that if we dodge every turn we wouldn't have to face the demons that taunt us.
They wait in every corner patiently waiting when the day you decide to take their hand to dance through the ring of fire with them.

"The only devil in this world is the one running around in our own hearts"


We see duality as the black and white in all things and to this there is always the angel and always the devil.
To see beyond the duality one must see that not all angels are good and not all devils are bad, it is how we look at these duality partners.
It is through experience that we can let go of judgment on both and bring awareness and discernment to balance as we all hold within us the devil and the angel.

Both teach us many things as to what it is we need to see within ourselves.
We are tested in many ways and what we choose is what will direct the momentum of your life path.
There is no right or wrong on how this is done and duality is what separates us by thinking everything is a sin or everything is pure.

To become ONE is to recognize that there is no separation from the life experience that we have chosen by this losing judgment and seeing through the eye's of god, as god is everything and in everything is it not?
So the mirror aspects as to each perception is clouded by illusion that when you see another that you are separate from their actions but in all it is connected to show us what it is we need to see within ourselves and the fact that every choice affects the whole.

Love and Hate are the opposites as to the inner peace or inner conflict that stirs the emotional state of expressing outwardly. The shadow is only there for the light to shine its truth to be shown of that of who you truly are.
As this is where you will find the inner knowing and heal by this birthing your darkness into light.

Blessings on your continued journey