Beliefs about God

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What if your separation from God is only an illusion? What if everything you believe about God just gets in the Way? Everybody thinks they know what God is and is not, but do all these beliefs really get a person closer to God? If that was true, you could just read the right book to connect in with God. People have tried that many many times, God is beyond what you can encapsulate with words.


The real truth about God is outside the limits of Human Consciousness at the moment, but since Humans understand everything here through Human Consciousness, the highest understandings about God are the heights of Human Consciousness. Contrariwise, any limited beliefs about God will limit the individual's experience of God, which actually illustrates how incredibly powerful Consciousness is. It also shows how incredibly dangerous ignorance is, with ignorance being the only danger.


Could God create a stone so heavy he couldn't lift it? It's really the question, could god become ignorant of being God? Humanity is the punchline to that joke, by the way. You are the Eyes and the Ears of God, and there's no such thing as Consciousness that's separate from God. Even the Catholic Church understood this, nothing is hidden from God, yet the Church wasn't aware of their own Consciousness enough to realize God's Presence there. Jesus even said "greater things than I" or something along those lines, and he was God, for Christ's sake. The prophet of the religion said You would be even greater than He, and what did ignorance do with that? Mostly just ignored it. That's too far outside of two-dimensional thought for it to even begin to comprehend.


Humans are the Eyes and Ears of God, and Humans are the Mouths as well after they learn how to really listen. You are God expressed, You are Hu made man-ifest. You are a unique hue of the spectrum that is Source and not a single color is separate from the Rainbow. The Rainbow is each color being itself to create the beauty that is the Rainbow. Each color made more amazing because of their relationship to all the other colors.


What was my original subject? Ah yes, beliefs about God. If my words have lead you to create any beliefs, please let them go. You only believe you need beliefs. Where would you be if you didn't be-leave? Well, first and foremost, totally Present. Note that when you're Present, no beliefs are necessary. You don't need to believe in anything to have the experience you're currently having. In Presence, the Truth is felt, not believed. One has a belief because one is trying to control the future while holding onto the past. You've got to let go to move forward, and moving forward doesn't happen in the future, it happens Now.


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Daniel, We Love You. Please Invite the Rest of The Light Family. Love Mother and Father God

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!


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Thank you for the invite

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Brilliant Crystalline, Thank you for Joining with us here. Our Intention here is to make this site Galactic Central. BUSYY.. Please share with Others. WE Love You, Love Mother and Father God

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!