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Spirituality & Self-Expression

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I used to call myself a spiritual person, and with more than a little bit of pride. But after a while there were these patterns I started noticing, and the word "spiritual" didn't really help me relate to myself anymore.

When I told others I was "spiritual", suddenly their ideas of what that word meant came into play. In my relationship with another, I was now expected to conform to their beliefs about what that word meant, or I would no longer be properly "spiritual".

At first I tried to conform to their expectations so I could be a good "spiritual" person, but then something else became apparent. People have radically different ideas about what that word even means. To the highly religious, it means being highly religious. To the New Age, it means being part of the New Age. To the atheist, it means being an idiot. And that's not even counting people's personal definitions.

Spirituality, at least in most people's minds, is still part of this rigid societal structure. To the conformist, it looks like this type of self-expression, but it's a predefined kind of "self-expression" which is really a form of prejudice. It should go without saying, but real self-expression has to come from the self.

Now I'm not against the word, and if it means something to you, go right ahead and use it. I know it's a positive, empowering concept to many people and there's nothing wrong with that, I just have my own personal experiences that I wont ignore. If I were to define it my own way, it would be the Divine Experience of This Moment, completely free of any extra baggage or mental limitations.

What articles would you like to see on the Galactic Free Press?

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I'm working on getting the site back up to speed, I just re-enabled user registration, and also replaced the previous comment system with Disqus. Soon, this site should have more of it's own content again, and it will work alongside our sister site, Awakening Daily, instead of depending upon AD for most of the content. While that's being set up, I wanted to get some input as to which authors people would like to see on the Galactic Free Press. So far I plan on featuring:

The Creator Writings


Knowing Whispers

Aligned Holistics

Mayan Messages

Trinity Esoterics

Probably Waking Times and Collectively Conscious for the more general articles

As well as any other individual articles we find interesting and our original writings.

Any other authors or sites that people would be interested in seeing on the Galactic Free Press? I'd prefer to feature sources that are more focused upon being the change than predicting changes.

Greg Giles' Messages

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While we haven't had messages from Greg Giles up on the front page of the GFP for a while now, we've decided to no longer have his messages on the user-submitted blogs section as well. We've felt his messages we're a bit off for a while, and yesterday's message, which called for violent removal of Cabal members, is not something we want on our site at all. 5D Beings would never advocate that sort of thing. Those who wish to continue following Greg's messages can do so on his site: http://www.ascensionearth2012.org/

My Experiences With Meditation

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I wrote this on another site for people just beginning to meditate. I figured I would share it here as well:


Many years ago I was feeling quite depressed so I went to go see a psychiatrist. She had two suggestions for me and said that both were equally effective in treating depression. The first option was to start practicing meditation, and the second option was to start taking pills. Being lazy at the time, I asked for the pills.

The pills got rid of the depression, but with a cost that was a little too high for me to pay. Sure, I didn't feel depressed anymore, but the problem was that I didn't feel much of anything. I didn't feel happy, I didn't feel sad, I just felt numb. I'm not sure the pills really cure depression, they just mask it.

Beliefs about God

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What if your separation from God is only an illusion? What if everything you believe about God just gets in the Way? Everybody thinks they know what God is and is not, but do all these beliefs really get a person closer to God? If that was true, you could just read the right book to connect in with God. People have tried that many many times, God is beyond what you can encapsulate with words.


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