Bet on Your Life

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God said:

Encourage Love to spill over in your life. Find occasions to love wherever you are.

Let go of animosity. Even animosity to material objects. Don’t kick your tires when your car won’t start.

Simply welcome Life whatever it happens to look like. It may be a revelation to you that the process of life can be entertained regardless of what its content may looks like and may be. Don’t think that you are pulling the wool over your eyes to embrace Life.

Try this: Bet on your Life.

Life is going to take you somewhere. You are going to get out of Life alive. You are going to graduate. You may earn a doctorate in Life and are going to become very learn-ed at the same time as you stay innocent.

Life is unpredictable. Life speeds along the freeway. It takes detours. Nevertheless, by hook or by crook, Life finds its way back to the freeway. One way or another, Life gets back onto the Track of Love.

Life is not here to get you down. In the process of Life, you may overthink it. Or, perchance, you may just careen through Life as though you were a wild driver. You can make too much of Life, or you can make too little of it.

Whatever you may feel at a given moment, Life can surpass itself, and you with it.

Life does not always entertain you. There are many songs written about Life, and many of the songs go off the page and take different tracks. Roll with Life, beloveds. Drink its joys. Have a good time while you are at it.

When you crave solace, hand over solace to others. What is solace but peace?

Oh, Lordy, when you scrape your knee, how you want someone to kiss it. When you have a windfall, how you crave others to cheer you on.

It is wise of you to expect more from yourself and not so much from others. In some ways, you do expect too much of Life. In other ways, not enough.

Life can shake you up. Life can knock you for a loop. Life can seem to overlook you, and then Life gets in your face. Life can pick you up, and Life can trip you up. Sometimes you feel that Life is a Joker, and you are not amused.

It seems that some of My children are always looking over their shoulders. Others run away as fast as they can.

No matter what, you cannot elude Life. Life doesn’t give up. Life doesn’t let up, nor must you. Life may be debatable, yet you can’t debate it. Life seems to know better than you.

Sometimes, Life seems like an errant lover, unfaithful to you in ways you most want. One moment, Life may overwhelm you with gifts. The next minute, Life takes away all its gifts from you, so it seems, and Life runs off without a backward glance. Life does its thing. Sometimes it seems that Life lords over you. Sometimes Life speaks clearly. Other times, Life mumbles.

Life can take all its time with you, and you wait. Life can take your breath away, and Life can dance away from you, showing you its back. Life can bump into you and not ask your pardon.

What can you do with Life but live it? There is no denying Life. Life does give you a run for your money.

Listen, whatever Life may look like to you, Life is your friend. It is your friend for all time. There is the surface of Live, and there is Life deeper and at its best.

There is no accounting for Life. It has its way with you. Life is always under way. Life mandates Life. Long live Life.

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