Bingo, Sync, I'm Connected. Are You Feeling It Too?

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It's been a long time since I felt connected to life, people, the Universe. I've always felt slightly out of touch, out of sync, from another planet just waiting on the spare part to get my spaceship back home.

The Covid-19 pandemic spread and its self-imposed isolation has pushed us further into the refine of our homes. And with that comes time to dwell within. This opens the doors to the unknown which turns out to be not as frightening as it was imagined.

I feel more connected to the others than I ever have. It's almost as if I was connected as I used to feel it in my teens and twenties practicing mediation and out of body travels. I feel connected in a way that is anchoring love at the deepest level.

Another thing this strange passage has done is to affirm that things are well. Things are as they should be. That although there are nefarious entities on this planet and dark ones, they are neither the norm nor as strong as I thought they were. They just are there as a counterbalance. The "Brotherhood of Light", that all-pervasive goodness of sorts is far more prevalent than these low energy cockroaches. No offense cockroaches. You too have a purpose. I see that all-pervasive goodness vibrating everywhere in the Universe strongly. It is the norm. Hopefully, we are getting rid of the nefarious ones or at the very least curbing them so far back they stay put for us to see but not touch. They should serve us as a reminder of what can be but shouldn't.

All in all, I feel this wave is good. It's going in the right direction. It has a positive driving factor and it's shedding light where there once was darkness.

Maybe today's Creator's Writing is perfect on time again:

"It is been said many times before and it bears repeating…
You will receive exactly what you choose to focus on.
If you choose to focus on fear, fearful experiences will be presented to you.
If you choose to believe that others are inherently negative, that is all you will see.
If you choose to focus on joy, joyful moment will come.
If you choose to believe that those around you are inherently good, you will be shown examples of it wherever you look.
The Universe would like you to remember that this is very simple; you are what you think! ~ Creator"

If you are not feeling it yet, know that it is, if not at least intellectually. That will open the door to curiosity which opens the door to the heart. Once you focus on that, you will see signs of it everywhere until it wraps you in a bubble of light.