The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig

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Love & Regret, Healing together

Now the next question we would like to attend to is one of love and regret. "I have loved before and I have been harmed. My fear has proven me right so many times. I do not want to step in the sun because I know myself as safe in shadow. I hide my face in shadow so that I may not be seen as who I am. And although I understand the teaching being given to me, I will not live a life that must force me to be known in my worth by another." The fear of being known by God and the fear of being loved are presumptuous. We will tell you why;

To declaim the self as unworthy of love, to hide in the shadow while the light is before you is to presume that you know more than your Creator. And while the shadow may be there, the sun shines behind the shadow. What has obscured the light may be moved and will be attended to but us if you would allow us to help you. And by help, we mean attend to where you are today. Today is important, because the knowing that you can hold will only be made so in the moment you stand in. So we would like to attend to you now, and we would like to attend those of you who do not believe you can have the life that we speak to.

As we stand before each of you, we will create an emanation. We stand before the reader as a collective truth. And we bring ourselves in accord with God's will for you, a radiance that we say will express as you, to you, and through you by us as you say "Yes". What we are doing right now is holding you in love, and as we hold you in love, we give permission to the aspect of the self that would hide in shadow, to show her face, to show his face. And as the eyes rise, they see the hand extended before them. And we take your hand in ours, and we bring you to the heart of God, to the love of Creator, that may be known through us as you, as each of you.

As we hold you in love, we say "Yes." Yes, it is so. Yes, it is so. Yes, it is so. And we offer ourselves to you as ones who may cherish you so that you so that you know you may be cherished. As you know you will be cherished by us, you may allow yourselves to be lifted and seen. And as you are witnessed in love by all that is, you are received by it, and we say "Yes" to you as well. You are who you say you are in your magnificence, in your beauty, in your claim of truth.

Now we will ask you this: Who doesn't know who they are? Who has attended to our words this far who does not know who she is? If this question remains in your heart, open your heart to the answer. Allow it to be filled. We sing your song for you now as you are loved.

We ask you this: Will you stand with us? Will you stand beside us now as you move into your own mastery, your own claim of identity, so that we may heal the world together? We thank you...

The Book of Knowing and Worth Channeled by Paul Selig with The Guides


With Permission From Paul Selig

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I just finished "I Am The Word", which is book one. I am in the middle of "The Book Of Love And Creation", book two. And I have ordered "The Book Of Knowing And Worth". I cannot recommend these books highly enough. There are simply no words to do so.

Ron Head