The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig

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We are speaking as we can about what is to come and what must be said to illumine those who read this text. This is a time of great change and transition, and each of you who stands in your own worth will align to your own knowing and claim your identity in the highest way available to you now. This is a time of great change and a great awakening is upon you, but you must attend to yourselves as the one who is responsible for your own identity. And we underline this:You must be responsible to yourself as the one responsible for you own identity.

The claims that you make, each one of you, "I know who I am in my life, in my work, in my gatherings, in my exchanges." are the ways you identify yourself with. And what we must tell you now is that when you operate in a diminished sense of self, you operate in lack and in fear. You have not been told who you were and, consequently, you identify yourself through structures that adhere to limitations.

Now each one of you reading this has already woken to the fact that there is more to this world  than what you have thought. You are allowing the new experience to come to you in your own identity as a new possibility unveils itself. And as you do this, you create a new possibility, a new possibility to be, to seethe world differently, and to adhere to new possibilities  as they may present themselves . So are already ready. You are already preparing yourselves for the new ideal s that are coming to you through the acquisition of the information that we will present to you in this volume of knowing. And that is the title of this book: The Book of Knowing and Worth. Now we say this again, The Book of Knowing and Worth, will be the title of this text because it is about your knowing, and the claim of worth that is inherited by each of you as you sing your song on this plane of existence to a new level of incarnation.

The Book Of Knowing and Worth

By Paul Selig & The Guides


With special permission from Paul Selig