The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig and The Guides, A Channeled Text

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What is happening now on this plane is that those of you who have gathered have decided to incarnate at the highest level available to you, and the acquisition of knowing of who and what you truly are is what required to make this so. When there is a mass elevation in consciousness, what begins to happen is that the incarnations that you stand in begin to align ti the next phase of development on this plane and the plane must shift itself to reflect the new knowing that each of you are born into.

Now you have questions about this. "What does my world look like?" "Who am I at this next level of incarnation?" "And we will tell you who you are, each and every one of you; The aspect of the Divine that you are and have always been intended to be has come forward to be renamed; "I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve."  And the claim of this, as you create from it, expressed as you, culminates in a new awakening of your own being through manifestation of the self as the Christ.

Now we don't mean this in a heretical way. We mean this in the most truthful way available to you. The aspect of the Creator that may be manifested in form is how we talk of the Christ. And the Christ as you, as you, as you is the teaching of this text. Can man be Christ? Man is Christ but has not awakened to it. The awakening that we speak of is the inheritance of the Creator born in each and every individual awakened to his own worth, to her own worth, as a manifestation of the Creator in form.

The Book of Knowing and Worth

Paul Selig & The Guides


With special permission from Paul Selig