The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig and The Guides, A Channeled Text p 187-188

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The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig and The Guides, A Channeled Text p 187-188

Can anybody misuse this information in our text? Anybody can do anything they like. But if they are attending to the teachings, and not attempting to distort them to fit a paradigm that would serve the ego, they are attended by us. We shepherd the students through the classes that we teach, and we see the ones who need to, perhaps, take the test again before they may go to the next level. Now, that is not a punitive statement. Why would we let somebody behind the wheel of a car who will crash it? We want to keep you safe, and in your awareness of your worth so that you may learn. We want you in your worth so you may see the worth in your fellows. We want you to decide for yourselves because if you are not deciding for yourself, you are giving your power away.

Now what does mean to give your power to another? To let them tell you who they are and for you to go into agreement with them. "I am the only one in charge," and you say, "Okay, you must be," and there goes your power. When somebody says they are the one in charge, you may understand that they are fulfilling a role. The one behind the cash register at the market has been designated to take the money and, in that instance, she is in charge of the money. The job that you keep may tell you what hours to attend to your work at and, in fact, yes, they are in charge of dictating the schedule, but these people only have the power that you offer them. The belief that they have more power than you is something that you have agreed upon, moved into accordance with, and manifested, and that is the collective choice.

When somebody else tells you who you are, "I know who you are, I know what you are, I know how you serve," they are witnessing you in your worth. When you are witnessed in your worth, you may go into agreement with your worth and, consequently, serve from that place. The identity that you give yourself, "I know who I am, what I am, how I serve," supports you in grounding this knowing as, underline as, your expression.

The Book of Knowing and Worth

Paul Selig & The Guides


With permission from Paul Selig




This trilogy

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I am now finishing book two of this trilogy and I still cannot find words enough to express either my heartfelt recommendation of the series nor my gratitude to Paul Selig and his sources for the gift they have given us.  This is fantastic stuff, in my opinion.

Ron Head