The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig and The Guides, A Channeled Text p271-272

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Truth and Knowing

We will stop in a moment, but we have one more thing to tell you. When you have told the truth, you are in humility. You are not in your arrogance. And there is a difference here. You do not go out and tell the world what you think of them. That would be an act of arrogance. What you think of the world is your opinion. But to be in your truth in your true way is a humble state. You are aligning to truth as an aspect of the Creator that you are expressing through.

The real truth that you know does not boast, does not sing its own praises, nor does it intend to inflict damage. It may break down a system that was corrupt and systemized through the controlling of others. It may decide to call something forward that may be witnessed in a new way. But the intention of fear - to pretend to know what the truth is - is something you must be watchful for. To be the one who tells another who she is in a way that would control her is your ego, and that is the truth. It is not your worth, or your Divine Self, in its expression.

We understand that this is a day for many of you to have an experience of some uncomfortability. And we would only remind you that claiming that you are the one in truth in all of your encounters is a way of claiming your freedom from the bondage of good behavior. It is also a way of claiming your willingness to recognize all aspects of yourself, all aspects of yourself, as worthy of love.

We will continue soon. We thank you for your presence and good night.

The Book of Knowing and Worth

By Paul Selig & The Guides


With Paul Selig's Blessing