To Brew Tea, Let It Steep

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God said:

There is value in doing somersaults. Of course, there is value in everything you do and become one way or another. Furthermore, I want to say that in addition to value in doing somersaults on a mat, there is also indeterminable value in doing mental pictures of yourself performing somersaults.

Something more goes on than at what may first appear to you.

Mental pictures aren’t just kids’ play.

You don’t have to be serious about something in order for it to be worth your while.

You don’t have to be paid for it in present time. You don’t have to be paid for it now or ever. You don’t have to be recognized by the world or even by yourself. Of course, I support all boons that come to you

It has been said in many ways that when one of Einstein’s discoveries was beginning to stir underground or subterraneously, instead of focusing on writing down an equation, Einstein would just as well go out on his sailboat under the Sun and drift around on the sea, and allow his brilliant mind to drift around as well. Einstein didn’t have to qualify as a great seaman for great thoughts to arise and lead his brilliant mind somewhere on its own.

Left alone, an idea might pop into his head, and Einstein would cry out: “Eureka!” and start writing an equation on the surface of the waves.

Einstein didn’t have to push for a singular answer. The equation wasn’t urgent. Einstein was more like Me with the idea that all will come up all in its own good time.

Nor did Einstein have a wife who persisted in nagging at him -- not at all: “Albert, why don’t you get busy and look like you’re applying yourself?”

In his own way, Einstein certainly may have indeed been applying himself even as he took his own sweet time about it.

Surely, he knew that in order to brew tea, you have to let the tea steep.

Now, let’s get back to you and somersaults. Beloveds, you can replay your mental pictures of somersaults on the horizon of the sky or on a rainbow. You could be allowing a spectacular insight to leap to the surface and be on your way splendidly.

If you are a writer, why not picture yourself writing up a storm? If you are a composer or an artist, meandering can do its work for you. Picture any image you want.

Picture even My God-Given Grace, why not?

Whatever you long for, picture it. What cannot happen in this world?

You don’t have to own a sailboat. You have a great replacement. It is called imagination. Imagination may be a more powerful sailboat than a wooden one, for wherein in the world lies Truth after all?

You have many resources available to you than you may use for the good of All for one reason or whatnot.

Look rather for reasons to do rather than for why not to do. I have not laden you with responsibility to justify yourself. You are under no obligation to to replay your reason for living. It’s not your job to win people over to your way of thinking.

Beloveds, you don’t have to live all that much in your head nor must you satisfy any one else’s sense of reason. It’s okay to let Life ramble as it does according to reason or not.

There are many common questions that are asked in the world and yearn to be appeased, when, all the while, the answers can wait:

“Where did you go on your honeymoon?”

“When did you get back?”

“And what did your friend die of?”

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