The Bridge to the Heavenly Kingdom, Enter the heart!

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Good Morning Beloved, it is always a pleasure to meet with you. We come today with information that will assist and empower the limited consciousness to a state reconciliation with the divine within oneself.

To begin, we will ask the Great One, to assist in this process, and begin the transmission.

(In meditation last evening, the energy was overwhelming to a point of tears.

I was mentored not to move from the candle or the meditation until I cleared all of my thoughts of separation that were not aligned with the higher aspects of myself.

It took about 15 minutes to calm the mind and get to a place of peace and calm. This felt most comforting and unusual, the feelings that transpired from this meditation left me open to receive all evening in dream time what I am about to share with you today. ) messenger’s words…

Beloved, the bridge to the heavenly kingdom is about centering in the heart. If your heart is open, you can receive the many gifts that hold pure bliss and fulfillment of any purpose or dream.

We are here to drive home the idea that you are your own creation. In that your thoughts create who you are in this now moment.

You are at this very point in time where you were guided and meant to be. Through your thoughts and actions.  A dream, is placed in the mind and you are living that dream. You may not remember it in your mind. However, your body knows, your heart knows.

The Heart wants what the Heart wants. It is that which is your compass, to guide you, to navigate you through the rough times in your life that seem hopeless. Focus your intent on the heart center. Get clear in that place. Then you will know what your purpose for being here is.

In past experiences perhaps you were guided to charge through situations without thinking about an outcome. How did that work out for you?

In this day and age, you need a navigator. The Great One and the several Ascended Masters are here to guide you through such times.  Through prayer and meditation  you can connect with them. Each day connects with the realms of light at least two times in fifteen minute intervals.If you have a personal mantra do it. It will help you focus your mind.

The great realization is that these techniques have been around for thousands of years. It is time to tap into them for yourself. It is our desire for you to reach higher and tap into your full potential.

The great Avatars have come and gone. Just for a moment in time they come to share the knowledge and wisdom so that we can make a smoother transition into the higher realms.  What a gift, how wonderful and grateful for such unconditional love and support.

The opportunity to meet a living master face to face is coming. The Shekinah energy everyone is receiving in some form or another is here to assist.                                            acmasters

The energy of these Ascended Master’s  you have felt perhaps many times. Perhaps one or two of them have come to you in your visions. Connect with them they share great wisdom. It may be something you need to hear for the day.

The Goddess of Mercy appeared in the room of a woman with terminal Cancer, our messenger was a caretaker of this woman at the time. She was there to hold the space for the transition of this beloved being.


The portal opens,  just before and the beings that are surrounding the bedside wait and watch, while family waits and prays. This is the reality of life and death.

This brave soul to the end believed she was on the road to Heaven. And to her end she succeeded and left peacefully and gracefully. May she Rest in Peace beloved Miriam.

Just a passage in time, a joy to have met and spent time with such a brave one .

And too this end we bid farewell. Know that all who have passed are busy on the other side doing their work too.

We now take our leave beloved.  Know that heaven’s supply is endless. Reach for the stars beloved, know you are provided for at every moment. Eternal love and infinite blessings.

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