Death Is Love

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Death Is Love

Whatever you try to control, you become equal to in the mind.
Just look at the criminals and police for proof, as corruption is
equal in both. Depending on where you live, police are more or
less corrupt depending on the crime of the region. What kind of
person wants to join a police force that has a dirty reputation?
you do the math. If that isn't collective karma than what is?

The quality of our being is the thing that can change another
thing... If you are suffering, then you can do little to stop suffering
in its tracks for another, although you may temporarily modify it
with simple trickery; by tugging on the strings of the ego.
Temporary alleviation, but not real change. No one can stop your
suffering but you, and it is the same for others. How then can we
Help the world? Please continue reading..

As we seek for things, we already know what we are going to find.
How is this a change? If the mind has an image already of change
then will you not merely attract more of the same to yourself?
Seeking is a desperate attempt to control things. Unless of course
we are seeking the source of our being, which is free of suffering.

The only way to stop suffering in the world is to stop your own
suffering, and that does not require healing. . . it does however
require work, sacrifice, and understanding, until all of the thoughts
that govern our ego are understood as "not i", down to the core of
our emotions and mind. Until we are free from the ego delusion,
and become One with the source of our being, the all that is, there
can be no end to suffering. Being In the world, but not Of the world.
Affecting the world with our pure of essence.

Halloween, Death, and the Thinning of the Veils

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Hi everyone! I've started a new eNewsletter, called Tunnel Vision, to share what I learned during my Near-Death Experience, from the guidance I connected with at that time, and from over 30 years of metaphysical study. Here's one of the two feature articles from the October issue. The other featured article is Mercury Retrograde-That Time We Love to Hate! (see links, below). I hope you enjoy it! - Ellyn       (and look for my article in the December "Predictions Issue" of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!)


Halloween, Death, and the Thinning of the Veils

Halloween is upon us, that wonderful time of dressing up our alter-egos and taking them out on the town, bedecking our houses with orange and black, carving ghoulish grins on pumpkins, and collecting—or handing out—Tricks and Treats. It is a remake of the ancient festival of Samhain, the end of the harvest, the beginning of the "dark" time of the year, when the veils between the living and the dead are said to be very thin.

The fascination with Halloween, especially the ghosties and ghoulies part is, in itself, fascinating, given the fear and denial of death that is so deeply embedded in our culture. In fact, in the U.S., the whole idea of death is practically taboo, and it seems the only approved discourse about it is in terms of ghosts on Halloween.

The Bridge to the Heavenly Kingdom, Enter the heart!

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Good Morning Beloved, it is always a pleasure to meet with you. We come today with information that will assist and empower the limited consciousness to a state reconciliation with the divine within oneself.

To begin, we will ask the Great One, to assist in this process, and begin the transmission.

(In meditation last evening, the energy was overwhelming to a point of tears.

I was mentored not to move from the candle or the meditation until I cleared all of my thoughts of separation that were not aligned with the higher aspects of myself.

It took about 15 minutes to calm the mind and get to a place of peace and calm. This felt most comforting and unusual, the feelings that transpired from this meditation left me open to receive all evening in dream time what I am about to share with you today. ) messenger’s words…

Beloved, the bridge to the heavenly kingdom is about centering in the heart. If your heart is open, you can receive the many gifts that hold pure bliss and fulfillment of any purpose or dream.

We are here to drive home the idea that you are your own creation. In that your thoughts create who you are in this now moment.

You are at this very point in time where you were guided and meant to be. Through your thoughts and actions.  A dream, is placed in the mind and you are living that dream. You may not remember it in your mind. However, your body knows, your heart knows.

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