The Changing Terrain - Heavenletters

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God said:

When life seems to become too much for you, remind yourself that you are Being, you are a soul, and all that seems to matter so very much to you while you are popped inside a body is a flash in the pan. When all is said and done, what matters? Whatever may be pressing on you right now, no matter how vital it may seem to you right now, is really nothing at all. You will have forgotten it before long.
You had an idea that you had a difficulty. That’s all it can be, an idea floating down the river like a stray branch, only, at the time, you are certain that it is a dire situation that you fear you may not survive. And, so, you see life as hazardous and yourself full of toil and trouble. You are sure that life on Earth is to be nothing but a bouquet of roses and nothing but roses all your life long.
Perhaps you feel that life is meant to be Santa Claus, and, yet a Santa Claus who sometimes delivers onions and black coal to you. Oh, if onions were scarce, they might be valued more. And within the black coal may lie a diamond.
Life doesn’t sit still. Life is always roaming around the countryside or up or down a chasm. Life is a piece of cake when you roll with it and don’t protest. In life, beloveds, the cards aren’t stacked against you, yet you may be on the look-out for your life to be interfered with. Beloveds, your life is what it is as it appears before you.
There was a story once of a blind man who had been married to his wife whom he had never seen. His sight was miraculously restored to him. He saw his wife for the first time, and he found her beautiful. His friends kept quiet, for none of them considered the man’s wife as beautiful. The best they could say about her looks was that she was plain.
But to the husband, because of the light she had always brought to his life, she was beautiful. The husband was a man who could really see. All along he could see. Blind, he could see. Those who may always have the use of their eyes may not see. It is not that goodness and mercy will come to you. It is that goodness and mercy have already come to you. They are arrived whether you see them or not.
Whatever arrives on the scene is a blessing. No matter how distressed you may be about what occurs, there is a blessing contained within it. No matter what, there is blessing contained with whatever is bestowed upon you. I do not try to make you feel better. I am telling you the Truth about life. It is your interpretation of events that has to change. You are on the verge of deeper perception. Whatever the storm that blocks the sun from view, the sun is shining just the same.
Within you lies a heart of gold. Of course, there does. Your heart is a relative of Mine. Your heart has no limits, although, you may not yet recognize this. Every action or reaction in life is bringing you closer to seeing farther and wide.
Open your eyes now. Open your eyes wide. Get some different ideas in your heart. Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart. When you can see differently, you will act differently. You will react differently. You will take everything in its stride, and you will begin to see that you have been living in Paradise all along. You are not pebbles being caught in a lawn mower. You are My child with all the rights and privileges that go along with privilege. All power to you. Soon you will see more eloquently. The terrain of life in the world will change before your very eyes.