Channeled Soul Song - "Song of Light"

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I'm coming out of hiding! My background is in singing as a classically trained musician. I studied opera. Last year I began spontaneous Vibrational Resonance Transmissions. I began recording them on my iphone voice memo. I just reverbed this Song Of Light using garage band. Technology has not been my strong suit. It is time for me to share my gift of channeling song. I am sharing My first channeled Soul Song. This was downloaded As I was meditating in 2012 and I am just now sharing December 2013. Since then, I've channeled a few more songs that are in the works to be released. Listen to the full version of "Song of Light" at
Get into a quiet and receptive state. Let down your barriers. Soften, Open, and Expand your awareness. Let the sound wash over you. This song evokes a frequency of peaceful, joyful, loving gratitude for what ever is going on in your life.
Ease, Joy, and Glory.
One Infinite Being to Another ~
Songstress Victoria