Motivational energy

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Motivational energy

Respects to the adepts we impart on the symmetric alignments in postulating bonds of acute symphonic resonances...

They departed within the conforming grids... Exceptions from above in manifestations of core constructs in the impasses...

They fore played actual telemetry once the higher graded aspects confine from the life knowledge inferior to the adaptations within the many mappings...

Condoning a time of greater telemetry was in terms higher concepts... They are acquired for the replaying... The fields in cooperative links... Inquire on those links while they abide in lower constructs...

The simplified versions of condoning the higher intellects are given in sub stasis...

The remaining parts are connotations of the higher mind.

Responses to a new earth...

Individually having acquired the adaptations for these to commence... They are aspects of a system while condoning to symmetric alignments... What we term as symmetric alignments is simply a portal to an altered state of being... A key component in how the mappings are reluctant in the formations of experiences for the usual adaptations to the implementation within the postulating bonds... What is termed as the postulating bonds is simply higher graded systems which we turn to... We imply on condoning these higher teachings if people resonate with certain aspects within deviations... What was termed as that component is now a higher intellectual map... Gathering the aforementioned parts of these creations or so channelings...

HS Message: The Importance of Active Co-Creation at this Time

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Higher Self message by April Bender

First, let me clarify what I mean when I speak of co-creation, especially given the context of my last message concerning the utilization of your solar plexus chakra, or seat/throne of divine empowerment in order to travel within to various inner realms/dimensions, and how co-creation is a natural by-product or expression of such soulful adventures and integrations.

You see as part of your new vessel's "breathing process" in which you're exchanging vast quantities of energy and information between worlds/dimensional levels, one must become mindful that part of taking a "complete" breath includes a further stage of "exhalation" in order to be a whole movement or cycle - and that stage is a co-creative one.

This is taking that information, memory, knowledge, love and/or codings received while traveling/communing inwardly, letting it inform and inspire you, and then physically creating/manifesting something tangible in the external world. In this way you further solidify that higher integrated information/vibration out into the world.

HS Message: Your Active Participation is Now Requested

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Higher Self message by April Bender
For the last several months you've found yourself seemingly adrift in a sea of Void. Unable to move forward nor backward, as the sense or reference point of “you” in the past is no longer there, and the “you” of the future is still being defined/created, just as the future itself is.
Yes my dear, you've let go and released so very much this last year, and in doing so, have finally created a cavernously large, purified vessel that will now enable you to contain/hold ALL that you are now able to BECOME and REMEMBER on a scale never before imagined!
Let me explain. . .
Universe upon universe literally exist within you – and as you've discovered, you can easily travel down into their depths through your solar plexus chakra. To do this, you can simply allow your consciousness to focalize as a spiral shape within this center, while your inner sun blazes a brilliant and fiery yellow. You continue to allow your consciousness to be carried along this inner spiral, moving in and down. Next, you allow yourself to slow down and sense where it is you need to stop and then simply step off. 

Channeled Soul Song - "Song of Light"

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I'm coming out of hiding! My background is in singing as a classically trained musician. I studied opera. Last year I began spontaneous Vibrational Resonance Transmissions. I began recording them on my iphone voice memo. I just reverbed this Song Of Light using garage band. Technology has not been my strong suit. It is time for me to share my gift of channeling song. I am sharing My first channeled Soul Song. This was downloaded As I was meditating in 2012 and I am just now sharing December 2013. Since then, I've channeled a few more songs that are in the works to be released. Listen to the full version of "Song of Light" at
Get into a quiet and receptive state. Let down your barriers. Soften, Open, and Expand your awareness. Let the sound wash over you. This song evokes a frequency of peaceful, joyful, loving gratitude for what ever is going on in your life.
Ease, Joy, and Glory.
One Infinite Being to Another ~
Songstress Victoria

~Desert Gypsy~A Banquet of Joy Awaits You!

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It is with great joy that we greet you, for we are one and you are us!  The higher planes are readying even now, setting a banquet of joy for all humanity.  The flame has been lit.  We beseech you, dear ones, to continue on this journey of love, for it is an exciting one.

You will continue to grow and learn, spreading the message of joy to all who will hear you.  The intensity of the energies will continue to exceed the light quotient you now hold.  It is necessary to hold even more energy then ever as we near the event.

The ignitions of the energies at the galactic core will ignite a new fire in the hearts of all mankind.  The solar flip will set off a chain of events which will be unstoppable.  No one will be untouched by this spark  It is the dawning of the new age and all will benefit from the change.

Many will leave the planet as she rises into her new home.  Many more will remain. Stay in your heart, remain calm centered, and balanced.  The journey is about to begin. The journey into joy.

~Tom Kenyon ~ A Hathor Planetary Message – Cognitive And Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes

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Note: This message deals with specific challenges that are taking place in relationship to Chaotic Nodes. According to the Hathors, a Chaotic Node occurs when chaotic events in multiple and seemingly unrelated areas of the cosmos (including Earth) interact with each other, which in turn generates more chaotic events.  As a Chaotic Node increases in strength, many areas of our Earthly existence are affected.

By their very nature all Chaotic Nodes are challenging to biological systems. This particular Chaotic Node is especially challenging due to numerous factors we have mentioned in previous Planetary Messages. While the challenges to your eco-system, financial systems and cultural institutions are increasing, in this message we will focus on one specific area—memory and cognitive function.

The accelerated escalation of this current Chaotic Node is being driven by a shift in your Sun’s magnetic field—a reversal of its magnetic poles to be precise. This is a cyclic occurrence and takes place approximately every 11 years. The next shifting of your Sun’s magnetic fields is close at hand, and this will set off a series of significant energetics.

Due to an intimate relationship between your Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields, you are caught in a type of cosmic vice. This is due to the fact that memory is a function of magnetic fields—both internal magnetic fields as generated by your nervous system and external magnetic fields such as that of Earth. Furthermore human memory is greatly affected by the Sun’s magnetic field.

Archangeloi of the ELOHIM – Birth of the New Human Race in TRUTH

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Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support you ALL at this time of heightening energies and huge shifts in frequency of both Mother Earth and those incarnate upon and within planet earth. That which was called the “Equinox” in human terms was the event horizon to use another human phrase. All that will now unfold upon and within planet earth is DIVINE for the birth of the New GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is now fully underway.

We walk with the human race as they now walk out of the CREATED slavery that kept them in chains vibrationally. Many are now able to dissolve these chains of frequency and are now stepping fully into their prime directive here upon the planet earth. Many more will now increase their frequency dramatically and remember their SOUL’s choice at human conscious waking mind level.

We have guided previously (in your human context) of first contact and we guide for clarity that there is now  the required level of frequency from Mother Earth for this to unfold upon and within planet earth. Those who know they are to be contacted are now being upgraded with the necessary LIGHT codings in order that their human vehicles and non human vehicles are able to comprehend that which will now unfold for them at a personal level. We guide for clarity that mass contact is not supported by the frequency of planet earth at this time and will not unfold until the planet reaches the required frequency levels.


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