Channeling - Attaining a Link

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So without Further Ado, This Material should be Noted for Beings that have surpassed (Transgressed) Partials of a Totality, Whatever this totality may be For You. It’s all about Channeling and Keeping the Flow (Inflow). So to allow us to prosper in times where our memories could be more or less to say, of a Natural Order Frequency - Assessment for Neutralizing Concords of the Assembly Modules which exists by mapping out telekinetic data (Acquisitions) from a Temporality. We justify this exemption by an algorithmic wave data module of association (Citation) of the aforementioned message for “Pre-lapses”.




We wish you a Good day. Now to begin, this here Mario is for your well Being in times where you had forgotten about the world Out There as opposed to In Here, where we can Find abundance and Peace regardless of what is mentioned in the outside world (Phenomenons) and so on. We wish to depict to you, Yes this is Amira Speaking. We want to allow you to find the energetic cords attached to this simplified process… (Processional Remixing) because, concurrent nodes of your assimilations have not been met in accordance to the overlay (Overlapping Effect) - Modulation of on out through the Core Structural Energies, Emitted from far away areas within space. And Portending changes here, Disclosures of this kind can bring about energetic modules as attachments which is not the right configurations by which we should notify, get notified by other beings to make contributions concerning the effects of what we are portraying “In times” remembering about previous messages.


We simply want to allocate data for you - In times where you were in need of greater help in your surrounding area of expertise, to say the least of without expectations. We have notably Immersed ourselves in contents attenuated from on out of here because of how we accelerate the many compounds of energetic engravings found throughout delocalized prospections of space and in time… By submersible realms of the initiations found by localizing perpetual rituals… The assemblies foretold to come in the future understandings of individuals whom may have affairs with you Mario… In this case we want to let you know that the appropriate information which lies in concurrent nodes (Assimulations) from a contemporary stopping point. Is associable by the energetic transcriptions we make by allocations of devices (By events) modules which excels prosperous amounts of energetic wavelengths to shift in the many new understandings of the labile structures of your timelines… As to associate “In time” with better attributional support systems which can guide you towards a Higher Life Path - Venue which is interchanging and transgressing within disproportionate Links of the Extraterrestrial Intelligences which may work with you along the lines of enlightenment and associations of the telekinetic map drive Module (System) by mapping out COngruent formulations of thoughts in beings whom have the partial grid structures amassed from retrospective analysis concerning the lost of many lives on this planetary body in these day’s (To come). So by localizing in time from those places what we can see (Foretell) of is of greater importance to individuals whom are having a harder time in BELIEVING in the core structural energies emitted by off-cellular grid tracks (Synapsis) which works as a conditioned (Unconditioned Retrospection) of internal accords, by associating with general rituals (Agents) in times by remembering how to COnnect on in Without expectations of how these messages or YOURS should bring the populace to greater Heights in their own achievements in time by remembering their truer selves while localizing perpetual rituals for advances and Cyclic Breaks.


Noticeably we have located prosperous amounts of Intelligences (Codes) which should supply the populace with a telekinetic map (Driven Forces) That Guides you towards the many hidden messages which lays On top of the associable energetic Grids, From multiple allocations in time (Space) exploration an in antiquity (Past Lives and associable energetic grids) Videos from on beyond 2012 and in here the local prospections from an internal analysis has shifted many times by disproportionate links (The adjustments) needed for our and your well being in times of reminiscence and making acknowledgements concerning the lost of many lives in these day’s.


Namaste Goodbye, have a great Day this has been Archangel Raphael and Michael with Amira and also Ramek as he appears to have localized in some times in space within this juncture of the Book and beyond. So to prosper in times of need where guidance is the one we need to find (In Ourselves) the telekinetic map drive can be found HERE and Also the Third Book HERE and Extraterrestrial Intelligences Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE.


That is all, we leave you in Joy.


Transparency is the equivalent formulas Utilized within those book’s. If you associate in times by remembering within yourselves the picture (Totality) from a fractal accessible compartment. You will notice a telekinetic map (Conditionable) excerpts of the additional ground crew command forces which can (We can Guide you Towards what you are Looking for) In times of having said (Seen This Part Ariestkiotko*) and reading down below.


Thank You! Namaste! Cheers! Have at IT!