Chanting in the little Chapel of Cornwallis Fort - Georgetown - Malaysia

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My dear light family. My wife Yuuka and me, we chanted in a litle chapel in georgetown - penang island - malaysia, with the intention of being a conscious link between the universe and mother earth, and with the intention of bringing light.


i believe if you meditate with this chanting you can receive the same light as we received while we were chanting.


to listen please click :


we wish you all peace, love, more and more and more light

(feel free to share or repost anywhere)






Thank you strongwings and

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Thank you strongwings and Yuuka..very powerful and beautiful...I can feel the energy within me increase as a results of feeling and hearing these lovely sounds and vibrations..


I couldn't help but notice the positive-negative shadows and paint chippings on the house showing many faces and scenes..It's almost as if telling a story... Listening to the vibrations and sound while focusing on the house photos gave me a feeling these Divine Beings were locked within the walls of another dimension and were finally being released from a lower density and stuckness of their Divine Souls to Ascension by this wonderful blessed chanting..Thank you so very much...You have realeased much positive LOVE AND JOY..


So beautiful to see and feel the light of St. Germain with you as well as all the Company of Heaven..Singing bowls and vocals were very etheric, magical, mystical and Divine....I am amazed how the original sound vibration rises or lowers by voice vibration..Sending Much PEACE, JOY, LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU, YUKKA, AND TO ALL! NOW! :) <3

The chapel chanting

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You have a point...there are alot of energies there...and I bet you are some of the ones who passed a way to be released to go home...nice and interesting.  Thank  you.

thank you dear heart

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thank you my ddear friend, good light heart.


i think so, that some entities might have been ride the light back to home during the chanting.


in addition:


there is a strange -very physical loughter- on minute 6 second 7 (6.7).

this sound is neither from me nor from Yuuka. and there were no other human in the chapel.


--and a warrior soul also visited during the chanting (yuuka)

-there were ups and downs, while different energies were being irredicated from where they are stuck.


we chant so often, but this one was very interesting for me too


i thank you again for your beautiful commant and send you my unconditional love

in hope of giving you a real hug one day :)