Chock-Full of God’s Love

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God said:

 On the Constant Occasion of My Love for you, I AM ever-present whether you catch on to this or not. 

 From My view, the Essence of My Love holds you in the Cradle of Love. My Love ever fully shines on you. This can only be because the Universe, Heaven and Earth, are chock-full of My Love. We can say it is My Radiant Love that shares itself with your Radiance. Awake! 

 Your Radiance is the same as My Love. I am certain of My Love. You tend to lack Awareness of Who you are. You may find Truth difficult to believe when you get enrapt in fiction and hold on to fiction as if to save your very Life. 

 You are encased in Love and full of Love, and that’s it. Love is what is and all that there is. There is no reason for you to ask for more Love except you bemoan that somehow you have covered up the Love that you hid away, waiting for your Love to come out from somewhere without your telling it to. 

 Wake up now to the Love that fills the Universe and fills you with Love from within and without exception. You are Love, and you are Love Pure.

 It is your habit of thinking that is off-base. You see as you see. You may not yet see what is visible until you open your eyes and heart wide. 

 C’mon now, what else would I possibly make you from if not Love? I do not plant within you seeds of discontent or weeds, yet, I must say, even those strangling weeds you make up in your mind serve a purpose. The purpose is to wake you up. Wake you up to what?

 To wake you up to the Being and Love you have ceased to remember that are the Truth of you and never were anything else but the Truth of you. You have regarded limits on Faith. You upheld Faith in desultory disruption to the Beautifulness you and every other seeming limited Human Being in the world can only be.

 The only thing you can be less than Pure Love is a slow-awakener, a studied awakener. Oh, yes, you wake up in the morning. You yawn, stretch your arms, and then you may crave to go back to sleep. Yes, you are capable of slowing yourself down, yet you cannot make a difference to your True Nature except as you fake yourself out. That’s it. There is no more. That’s the Whole Story. Within all the variations, this is your Fictional Story complete. The same story is echoed throughout the Universe. 

 Now I tell you that you are everything that All the Recognized Great Ones are. Your Realization and converse perception of Who you are – therein hangs the tale. You do not know yourself. You feign streetwise knowledge and accept yourself as a hood or a vagrant, an opportunist, or a tough guy. With willingness to see anew, you will discover that you are the same as all the High Beings you have read about. I hail you.

Be an opportunist of Truth. The world you call real doesn’t have all that much in common with you. Do not be misled by your titles or income or fame in the world. Until you have a speaking acquaintance with the Truth of you, you don’t know much worth knowing, that is. Regardless of your degrees, the Truth of yourself and Our Relationship  -- you have hidden in stealth from your Self the One Oneness you truly are. You may repress waking up in favor of not rocking the boat. You fear a random fear or two. It can be scary to carry a different identity from what you are used to.

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