Claim Your Good Fortune Tout de Suite!

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God said:

Beloved, come closer to Me, and We are in good shape.

When you desire to come closer to Me, you and I, on Our Own, are a bright sun dawning.

When you are on your way somewhere, of course, hop to it. Don’t be shy. I call you to Me. No more tarrying. What is equal to the importance of Me to you and you to Me? As One, We whisper as One. My clear desire is to be by your side and that I be by yours. Let’s do it!

I offer you a menu. You might as well get the juices flowing. This is your day to wind up your baseball arm and sail into My arms. Why not you, for Heaven’s sake?

Sure, you can wait and wait, yet why?

You may have not known that today is the day that My angels pull you to Me. I, God, go to all lengths to call you to Me. Get over here. Find out what music Oneness plays. Let’s get going. No longer will I wait. I have been seeking you for a long time, and now We leap forward. I do admit that I have been calling and calling you. Give no excuse for waiting for a better time. What could I possibly think could be a better time than this very moment to go forward?

The time is always now. There is no better time. Strike while the iron is hot.

The time is NOW. There is only Now.

Look, I have been waiting for you long enough. You have also been waiting long enough to get hopping. No more waiting. No more dilly-dallying. Beloved, has there not been enough waiting time until now?

My hand is on your shoulder. We are as near as Oneness is.

Don’t think for one moment that the first awareness of Oneness is the hardest. There is nothing hard about Our meeting. You have been a long-time waiting.

Do you think you really want to keep me waiting longer? For what Godforsaken reason?

Step forward. I am calling to you.

Let’s be on Our way. Why would you linger now? Honestly, I ask you, let’s make no mistake. Let’s get on with it. No more time wasting. Why waste non-time waiting before We get the show on the road?

Don't you see Me chomping at the bit? I can wait for you patiently, yet this isn’t My heart's desire. Let’s go full steam ahead with no further ado. We have a date. Claim your fortune. You can win the lottery well and good, yet still you have to claim it. Let’s no longer evade the issue. We have a date today. Is another day better than today? Chop chop!

By the same time tomorrow, it will be like old times for the One of Us. There are many ways to Me. Our meetup is no big deal. We have known this joy many times before. We are no strangers. We have long known each other again and again. Knowing each other is joy in whatever venue we are in. I am well-pleased. This is the natural flow of life. We are in the swim if it. Hallelujah. We are One.

We can dance a jig! We can get onto the dance floor and do a few somersaults and an amazing high-stepping revue! We venture forth into Unity where We belong. We dance, and We Godwrite as if We had never paused for one moment. There is no pause in Oneness.

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