Co-Creating EarthStar Universal SpaceLife Creation Civilization

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Co-Creating EarthStar Universal SpaceLife Creation Civilization

This week of the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure is an opportunity to participate with Creator Avatars of the Mother Center in co-creating initial phases of the EarthStar Universal SpaceLife Creation Civilization.

To participate, just focus on this endeavor whenever you can.

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Click to see SIRIUS: The Movie disclosure video by Dr. Greer ~!/deployment_code=11847328mlbyj8  

UFO documentary reveals “humanoid of unknown classification”

Washington DC - April 29, 2013
7pm at the National Press Club

Dr. Greer will speak and then the Sirius Film will be shown at 8 pm 
Admission is free - first come / first serve.
There are only 250 seats.

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – April 29 to May 3, 2013 – Washington, DC

Former congressmen to hear evidence of UFO & ET cover-up

Subject: Help the Disclosure Project- contact the media

Hello friends,

As you probably know, the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure has begun this morning and will go all week through Friday. We have an unprecedented opportunity to send a message to the media. I have done it both by phone and email. By sending a message merely asking where the broadcast for the hearing is, you send multiple critically important messages. 1) That this is a topic we want to know about. 2) That we are aware and taking responsibility for our future.   

It was amazingly easy to call the major network news stations that I have so far inquiring about this. You can leave messages their line(s) for stories to cover. There may be a way to talk to a person live however, I have not done this yet.  Does anyone have any info on this? 

I was a bit intimidated at first however, it was so easy and painless I am going to call all the others and email them as well. In fact, I felt uplifted by placing the calls. The more they hear from, obviously, the more the impact.  Lets show them how many are interested in this. Even if they do not cover it, we are lending our voice and sending an important message. That in itself is worth the effort. This is history in the making and we can look back and know we were part of it with satisfaction. 

Below is an example of what you might say to the network news: 

Dear Fox news, 

Thank you for your attention. My friends and family are wondering where is the broadcast to the 5 day unprecedented event, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure?  It started this morning in Washington D.C. and will run all week through Friday. We are extremely interested in this event and think it is critically important. We would like to see it on television, won't you provide coverage? Thank you. 


Media Contacts

Phone: 404.827.1500   
Fox News   
Phone: 212.301.3000   
NBC News (MSNBC)   
Phone: 212.664.5222   
ABC News   
Phone: 212.456.7777   
Bloomberg Television USA   
Phone: 212.318.2000 
CBS News  
Phone: 212.975.4114   
Phone: 201.735.2622   
National Public Radio News (NPR) - Phone: 202.513.2000  

Thank you every one!!  

Your comments or feedback welcome!!