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Those wishing to elevate to new heights, we encourage you to set time aside each day and connect with your Higher Self for insight and guidance. Your Higher Self is that part of you that remains in the Spirit Realm while you have your human experience on Earth. The connection is simple, but entails that you get out of your left-brain logical thinking patterns.

When you make it a daily practice to go inside for guidance, you are less likely to be swayed from the Path you chose before incarnating into this Realm. In order to elevate yourself to a higher vibration, you must learn how to give and receive unconditional love.

These feelings elevate you into a higher frequency, one in which magic is easier to manifest. You truly feel like an eagle, floating in the clouds with no cares in the world. To get there takes effort, however.

People who connect with their Higher Self have a variety of experiences: some hear the voice clearly, some simply know when they are connected, some may have “god bumps” or smell a specific scent, while others feel a specific sensation in their gut or other place in the body.

The best measure for knowing whether the information you hear is from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides is the feeling of peace and love that comes from the message. Although you may have to make an uncomfortable decision or one that others may not like, work through your fears and press forward. Pay close attention to your gut feelings, for these are directional signposts, much like GPS mapping systems that lead to your destination.

As you practice tuning into your Higher Self and your Guides, you will soon know them by their frequency. It is similar to recognizing your good friends on Earth. There are things about them that are different, not only on a physical basis, but also energetically. Trust the information you hear. Decide which tidbits of advice are of value. Take the steps necessary to integrate them into your life. Transform your life and share your knowledge with others. Know that all you need is inside you.   Selamet!  Men 4

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About time someone here

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About time someone here acknowledged Mayan time.. I mentioned it several times in chat over months  and was ignored,.. but here it is... I wonder now if i was ever listened to.. Guess not.  Oh well...