Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 13 - The New World

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          What are we to make of our adventures when God steps in to help us along?  “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.  When we are alone we can imagine all kinds of disasters and scare ourselves into paralysis.  This is of no value to anyone.  Unable to move, we may never strike out to discover what could be ours.


        The universe holds numerous opportunities that break from our conventional mold.  Companions come and go.  They each bring something to the relationship, a bit of whimsy, a bowl of flowers, a simple gesture of approval or a kind act.  Each such act and person asserts that we are not alone and that there’s plenty of support for all.


       So why do we insist that we have to do it alone?  It’s not possible.  No one gets through life alone.  We are certainly all influenced by each other and supported in some measure.  “Bring two or three together”, God might say, “and watch them unfold graciously. Bring Me one who feels they are alone and I will show you a sad and lonely heart.”


        We weren’t designed to be alone.  Having companions is part of our purpose.  All of our senses work toward that same goal.  When we work together, we help each other.  When we are alone, we pine for another to join us.  It is only together that we can share what we are investigating and learning. 


Being alone is good for incubation.  Coming together is where we get to show what it is we dreamed.  Sometimes such dreams manifested to include everybody regardless of how personal it appeared in the beginning.  Such is the story of mankind’s major achievements and so many great works of art.  All are rewarded by another’s creation.


       Share your stories and life experiences.  You have something to say, just as we all do.  We all benefit from each other’s contributions. Reach into your heart and make yours today.



Chapter 13: The New World


An oligarchy falls.  A new truth arises.  Where do we go from here?  It is the task of all heroes to first discover the new land and then to tame it.  This requires stealth and determination, to boldly go where most fear to tread.  Initially, heroes go it alone.  They report back what they find.  They instruct and they teach.  They tantalize with tales of the new, the unknown, the yet to be discovered and what will soon be appreciated by all. Eventually we all arrive.  We arrive at our own time and our own pace.  That will be soon enough.


In the meantime, the heroes who have arrived are busy.  They have to map out this new territory, give it a name, learn its ways and deliver those findings to the ones quickly coming up. Those who are more learned must hurry to make good their assessments and set up the structures to teach what they have learned.  The movement is afoot and cannot be denied.


In this case, there is an unusual dilemma within the whole process.  Heroes of the present have discovered that true empowerment comes from within. No one can teach this to another unless that individual is prepared to receive.  There will be many who immediately declare that they are ready.  There will be those who will refuse, insisting that our heroes perhaps just tell them what to do.  In this case our heroes will be faced with another dilemma as a feature of the new territory. They will be faced with resistant ones who simply want to hang on to the old ways and be led into the new territory.  The lack of self-responsibility that allowed them to give over their power to external authorities will still be at play. Out of ignorance or fear, they may turn their backs on this opportunity.


Instead, many resistant ones will try to shame our heroes into returning to the old ways.  This will be a test for our heroes. Pangs of loneliness will run through them.  But the pull of the new will be too strong to resist, and honoring the self will be impossible to deny. Growth always seeks growth and heroes are in pursuit of that end.


Resistant ones, along with our disenfranchised egos, will be left behind.  Those that resist change, even when it’s for the better, will be buried in the sands of time along with the many remnants of similar civilizations that remained stuck in their ways.  Whether outward, or inward, when civilizations refuse to grow, only their monoliths remain and stand quiet and withering in the desert. Their messages to us and what they’ve learned are no longer available.  Sadly, it is the passing of an era, but necessary one.  The stories of Atlantis and Lemuria come to mind at this point. So many thousands of years later we have uncovered mere fragments of what they had achieved and still wonder what they had to offer.


For those us standing at the vanguard of this new era, it will be a sad time as well.  We may be leaving behind so many familiar faces that were part of our journey.  We must leave them behind as the new territory opens up.  Ours is a new task and we must forge on to keep growing and feel alive.  You see, our heroic adventure is our life.  Without this pull, this force, this inner stirring, we would feel ourselves dry up and wither away, just like those stone monoliths in the deserts of past civilizations.  We must press on, to not only survive, but to thrive. That is the nature of our growth.


Press on we do, heroes of this new age.  We move forward now, with or without our favored friends and family.  We move on because that is what our hearts beg us to do.  “Come along now”, the heart beckons, “I need you. Come along and help me open up the new world.”  And we will respond with quiet acquiescence. We know we must do this for ourselves and for our Higher Self who is now our guiding beacon.


Echoes of the past still linger.  The voices of old reassert themselves from time to time, especially when we take another step forward.  But these voices are no longer formidable foes. They’ve lost their power to sway. We learned much about displacing our critical voices and we know in our hearts who speaks the truth. These negative judgmental voices are simply echoes of a dying era.  What emerges is a whole and new life.


Ahead we march, heroes and heroines, driven by that inner urge to strive and open new doors, to take chances and prepare the path for others. So many seekers will be coming soon and they will need guidance to make their way.  Not everyone will be informed by their souls at this time.  So those of us who are connected will show the way.  But what we are leading them to is their Self, not ours. To always be moving toward that one true source that lies at the center of everyone’s being is the main goal for all.  This connection is available for all who are ready to receive.


We, as heroes and heroines of our age, will know that the Divine broadcast is on all the time.  We will have sharpened our facility to tune in at will.  We will have opened that final door permanently and will never desire to go back.  Those friends who call to us from our pasts will be sad to see us go.  Their cries for our return will have to be ignored.  For those of us awakening at this time, the march is on.  The Army of Light is coming together and it is ready to move once again!


We say again, because this process has happened before in our human history.  There have been other times where general awakenings have occurred.  These have been sporadic and persistent all the same.  Great cultures have come and gone, leaving us a few artifacts to mark their passing.  Among these are evidences of their awakening processes.  Some of these features were laid down in great books and passed on to future generations.  Others of these were lost, lost in the winds that nip at the heels of passing cultures.


We learn from their remaining contributions. We carefully read their inscriptions, hoping to find some elements of truth to help us on our journey.  Those artifacts do exist as pearls of wisdom scattered down through the ages.  And they all say the same things: 


     “Pay attention to your Self!” 

     “Love you neighbor!”

     “Listen to your heartbeat!”

     “Know that the God is among you!”

     “Know that you are truth also!” 

     “Know all of these things and set your selves free!” 

     “Find your way back and I’ll be glad to receive you!”   


The words of the Divine are echoed throughout the pages of time. From one great book to another! From one great culture to another! The same invitation is always extended: Find your way home and you will be set free.  How can we fail?  How can we go astray?


Going astray is something we seem to have done many times over the centuries.  But finding ourselves again seems equally plausible and quite achievable when reviewing those same histories, the lives of our ancestors and cultures, past and present.  We always seem to muddle through.  Maybe it’s because the Divine is there with us, nudging us along, showing us the way.


Well, here we are again, back at this old and new territory. We are back at the place where monoliths were left and heroes forged ahead to map out a new direction to be followed.  Here we are at the dawn of a new era, a threshold that beckons us forward with its promise of unlimited abundance, ecological beauty and wisdom.  We are fortunate to be here, receiving these gifts.  We are ready for this new venture.  God urges forward, so onward we plod.  We’ve come through Recovery.  Where do we go next?


Heroes and heroines report back to the upcoming students.  There’s a new way ahead, one that all of us can follow, one that is a sure fire hit and will guide us to a wonderful destiny.  The new truth is of this earth and spirit.  It is beyond our ego and those simpler views of old.  It comes from our depths and informs our lives.  For years we’ve heard about that “still small voice” from within.  Now,  this Voice has become louder.


More and more people are hearing of The Voice.  They are tuning in and receiving directly.  All of our truths are there to be told. The Voice does not discriminate or mislead.  All of us are being informed by God within, from the depths of our being.  We are in touch with Soul and Soul listens only to God.  Therefore, we are in direct contact with God:


“Welcome to my Home. My Home is your Home and yours is also mine.  We are in this together.  I will be contacting you regularly now.  Please listen to your feelings and pay attention to other signs.  I have many ways of reaching you, each way being unique to you.”


We listen to the advisements coming from our heroes and heroines as they forge ahead. We know they are fully aware of what they speak, and they speak only the truth.  They have been telling us to listen for ourselves.  Do not listen to their voices.  The message is repeated until we all finally hear it.


“Listen to your heartbeat and your feelings! Know that I am there within you and among you.  I am your source and liberator, if that’s what you need.  Most assuredly, I am your Friend!”


This Voice will be heard by more and more of us each day.  It will be abundantly clear that all are informed by that Voice and It will direct each and every one of us from this point onward.


This will be the Voice of Reason.  It will be the Voice of Love. It will sound just like you. It will sound like God is speaking to you through an intercom on some occasions.  This voice will be loud and clear, and distinctly your own. It will present you with messages that will not be accessible by anyone else.  At other times, there will be general broadcasts where everyone is informed about the same events. This is what our characters in “The Voice” learn at the end.


God loves us all, we realize, and that’s a great thing indeed.  It is time we become aware of the process and start receiving for ourselves.  The Divine speaks to each and every one of us in the very same fashion.


We can all hear that voice once we choose to awaken.  We can all contact that place within where innocence resides and teaches us to be new again.  We can all entertain this possibility.  It is a choice.  The heroes and heroines of the past have shown us how to proceed and find our way.  Heroes and heroines of today are doing the same thing, revisiting the old mythology and attuning it to our times. This alerts us to our current purposes.


Listen!  Yes, listen!  The Voice of God is within you.  Pay attention and you too will be informed of your life and purpose.  You cannot be denied.  Only through your denial can you be left behind. You will never be abandoned.


Here is another look into our future.  We go now into the new land, where the new guidelines apply, those we have been addressing in this book.  Listen closely and these will teach you about you.  They will also teach you how to easily have your needs met, and how to express those gifts which were delivered from God to you. With your heart as guide and the eternal broadcast readily available, you are on your way.



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