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Basics of supernatural order

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Basics of supernatural order

Consistency, paramount’s sustainability.

Looking for an uplink, not from co-active fields, but the internal conscious energy, which connects to other beings, traveling around or outside the Earth’s Orbit.

Decisions are one of the main formations which takes part in what is going to be transcribed by energetic downloads, sustainability will be governed by consistency.


Governing flow is changing we are now embarking on consistent flows which should allow us to type on this phone a message where individuals will read from websites/blogs.


Transporting energy Matter in distribution to individuals as packets of energetic downloads which should allow us to bring in a concept or channeling from outside sources by (telepathic) communications.


Substantially... Initially we will partake in a message which is given to Mario from core extensions... Venues which splice the generic formations of our words by sending in energy formulated, transfigured for the human anatomy (Brain/Heart/Body) Soul and Light Body.

Initially my codes have been sent and now we partake in some form of channeling which should allow me to go into a trance where I will connect in deeper ways to substantiate differentials of where these words are going to shift from my writing to transcribing in parts a telepathic communication with beings/ships orbiting Earths Atmosphere.


Substantiating the Differences

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Substantiating the Differences

Prosperous amount of time, devolving attributes, conformal to higher grids/links in temporal fields. Alignments which are made in co-disposition towards the general flux in decisions or how we chose to manifest greater life venues, for experiences, and other type of conditions, which can bring about a multitude of alignments, towards what you are looking for in life, or simply what you love to do.

In constant fields, either static or constantly in change, the fabrics which helps us evolve or devolve some attributes which are needed in time of greater events, as alignments... Change is gradually accepted for conventional expanses, towards the general light flux, which is needed when we are ingrained in a system which is in a constant, as a cycle, repeating experiences, or repeating articles, when we want change in a way, to adjust to newer concepts or things which are needed for a gradual augmentation to something new. We imply on proper things as our decisions to have something new, may come to us gradually after having said words within, in search of greater service, as messages and such, there will always be a time in which the concepts will come to fruition if you’re ready to be selective, receptive of said changes, which usually comes in abundance, in many different ways, occasionally for some new constants to be ingrained until some more expansions come your way from delving deeper in constructs or your works.

Conversations With Cobra

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Skype Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra

Point Reyes Station, November 16, 2013


Elizabeth:  I'd like to start our conversation with a big overview of the Fukushima situation, largely because so many people here on the west coast have expressed a lot of anxiety about it. There was something in our paper today from one of the columnists about not eating seafood. If you could give us a little different perspective on that situation, how it happened and what's going on now and what the prognosis is, that would be a very helpful way to introduce where you are coming from.

COBRA: This Fukushima situation is a creation of the Jesuits. [Cobra means a small faction of the Cabal within the Jesuits representing about 10% of the Jesuit community.] The reason they triggered this false flag event was they wanted to exert pressure on Japan to get more funds for their operations. It is interesting to know that this event happened on March 11, 2011, which was one day before Uranus entered a new 84 -year cycle. So the moment of this was chosen according to astrological constellations. The second purpose of this event was to put more fear into the general human population because the vibrational frequency of fear is the frequency that allows the controllers to maintain control over the human population. I would say that most stories about radiation are exaggeration. I have seen reports of actual measurements of radiation exposure in California and they are not above normal. Everything is as it was before the Fukushima event. So this is a short overview of the situation.

Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 13 - The New World

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          What are we to make of our adventures when God steps in to help us along?  “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.  When we are alone we can imagine all kinds of disasters and scare ourselves into paralysis.  This is of no value to anyone.  Unable to move, we may never strike out to discover what could be ours.


        The universe holds numerous opportunities that break from our conventional mold.  Companions come and go.  They each bring something to the relationship, a bit of whimsy, a bowl of flowers, a simple gesture of approval or a kind act.  Each such act and person asserts that we are not alone and that there’s plenty of support for all.


       So why do we insist that we have to do it alone?  It’s not possible.  No one gets through life alone.  We are certainly all influenced by each other and supported in some measure.  “Bring two or three together”, God might say, “and watch them unfold graciously. Bring Me one who feels they are alone and I will show you a sad and lonely heart.”

Ascension A La Carte

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In this final stretch from August to December, or even prior for some, It's time to rethink your own Ascension in terms of what you WANT to experience vs what you are waiting to on the link to read more.

~Message from earth in the future~

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I'd like to share some information with all lighworkers, who as I are looking for knowledge. One night, during meditation, I was taken to what is call The Akashi Records. Sacred Beings guard the cosmic library. We travel in time in a date not determined. They described those who will live on our earth, as people with no ego, people without the psychological I. They described them having a high level of spirituality. That will be The Earth's Golden Age. The Acuario age. Long time after cleaning our planet, which will transform our Mother Gaia. Our Solar Sistem, acording to Them, will be place, near Andromeda, much closer to Alcione, our Father Sun. Besides, Juptiter, that already became another sun, will have grown greatly. Our Sun will have grown colossally and turned a little bit old with great possibility of becoming in another Central Sun. Our population won't be too big, because, not everybody will be evacuated. The space travels, will be a reallity. We will have the help from our Big Brothers coming from the Stars. They will bring new technology. Our planet will be a member of the Confederation Galactic of Civilized Worlds. By the time our world will have ascended to 5d. The ozone layer will be replaced, for high clouds, like water vapor. This will also make room for more dry lands.

Pleiadian Messages 11/8/11

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We wish to communicate with you from the Star Realms. All through your many lives incarnate within the physical vessel and the physical worlds, you were subjected to much trial and tribulation. You suffered many losses and you received little reciprocation for all your hard work. Your freedoms were squeezed from you little by little until only a semblance of your true natural state remained. It was then that you began to awaken. It was then that the light that remained within you began to shine brightly. It was then that you began to recall your sovereignty, and began to once again be the all powerful being that you are, you have always been, and you will always be. Such was the plan, conceived eons ago in your time, to assist you in your growing education and development and to forge powerful wings of gold that would allow you to freely travel the gorgeous multidimensional universes at will, according to your own terms and visions of what you would wish to experience. That day has come. You have made it. You have succeeded in passing all the tests and obstacles put before you. You were pushed to the brink of your collective breaking point, but you never broke. What has injured you so has only served to make you stronger, and stronger you are for the whole universe to see. Your Star Families are not unlike your 3rd dimensional parents who have raised you since birth. In a way, we have worried about you just as your moms or dads may have worried about your safety and future, although we always knew you would make it okay and complete your journey throughout duality unhurt and unscathed. It is now time to reunite with your Star Families from throughout space and throughout time.

Pleiadian Messages 11/1/11

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Many of you love all others of your world unconditionally, though there are those who disdain others and only care about themselves, therefore making no attempt to contribute to the whole of society as a collective endeavor.  Truly realizing full potential is a society who understands that together they make up the reality they will experience. This is the key. The collective consciousness grid is fueled by the thought forms entered into it by each and every member of the society. This grid acts as a projector, filling your shared theater with the images and sounds of your story. Each individual is responsible for his or her parts in your co-written script. Please be careful when choosing your thoughts, as in a way, you may say that it is irresponsible of you to feed energies into the collective consciousness grid that have a negative effect on others around you. Although all is choice and you have the right to choose any reality you wish to experience, karma also plays a role when you affect someone else’s life in a negative way. This is a delicate dance, and it is the wise soul who has learned to give in order to receive. You are only taking from yourself when you have learned to take in order to receive. There really is no such thing as stealing, as in reality you are only borrowing what you will eventually pay back until your balance is paid in full. The same goes for giving, as everything you give will eventually come back to you. Give, receive, share. The balance sheet will always figure perfectly at the end of your day.


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