Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 7 - Conscious Evolution

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What are those deep dark secrets that we keep to ourselves?  Are they the soundings of some distant past trying to break through to a new reality?  The voice of reason perhaps, wanting to cut across the chatter that is our brain feverishly at work?  Or, is it something else altogether, so remote and bizarre that we can’t even fathom it with the best of detailed roadmaps?


     Is this our heritage knocking at the door?  Is it a source of pride perhaps, or a bit of whimsy?  All these possibilities exist in one form or another.  They are real to those who attend to them.  But to us who are waking up to something meaningful and deep, is it not possible that the Creator is knocking at the door and we are about to receive a very important message?


     “Remember when I sent you here. Remember our agreement.  I provide the resources and you provide the commitment.  We work together to elevate your life to a new plateau, so that others can see what is possible.”


     A formidable calling, is it not?  Throughout history there have been claims like this, but so many were false.  Soothsayers and prophets asserted they were inside the Creator’s Mind in one form or another.  We know these characters and how they were shown the door by their own impatience and claims to fame. We’ve seen them in our own era. 


We are not talking about that kind of false awakening.  We are talking about something real and tenable:  The rise of the Force within us; the birth of Christ through us.  As myth would suggest, the arrival of the Holy Self on a chariot with winged horses.


     Yes, we’re talking about the kind of revelation that leaves you gasping for air and wondering if you’ve just been electrocuted.  That’s the kind of awakening that’s coming your way now.  We want the real thing, all the experiences and feelings, fear and all.


     There it is, the message delivered to us. Are we ready for this?  It will be  exciting!  Hang on tight as we explore  the 5th Dimension.



Chapter 7: Conscious Evolution


Conscious evolution is now a fact of life. No one can deny that.  All around us there is evidence of this new reality taking root.  Barbara Marx Hubbard, along with other thought leaders such as Eckhart Tolle and Mark Allen, has been pointing toward the social context of this revolution. In our school systems, for example, we have seen drastic changes.  What was once unheard of is now common place. Sex education, conflict resolution, emotional literacy, all of these and more have risen to the forefront.  Child preparedness for unseen dangers and greater awareness of one’s environment are daily staples. The three R’s remain the same, but the social context of a child’s life has been expanded and broadened to meet our growing understanding of their needs.


Young children know where babies come from. Adults share their life experiences to help children better understand their own.  Police officers and fireman are not the only attraction at school assemblies.  Speakers from Al-Anon and other twelve step programs have made much appreciated appearances.  So have representatives from groups such as Parents Without Partners, Public Health and drug and alcohol educators.  These and more have offered valuable information to help students see their lives in a larger context.


Children are asked how they feel now, not just what they think. They are receiving instruction on how to handle their emotions and on how to express themselves without violence.  We have clearly traveled some distance from that generation who grew up in silence, who was not allowed to feel and was seriously condemned when they did.  Conscious Evolution is here and has taken root in today’s culture. We don’t have to look far to see it in all of our lives, not just those of our children.


What does this mean for us as individuals? How does one engage in this process? We begin with a scenario, one that is all too common these days.  A woman comes to a therapist’s office to discuss sexual abuse.  She thinks it happened during childhood, but she’s not sure.  All her life, as far back as she can remember, she’s had a recurring dream.  A man comes to her and asks her for a favor.  He wants her to hold a stick for him while he massages her feet.  She wakes up in a sweat, her mind whirling with the images.  What does this dream mean? Why does she fear it?  Why, for so many years, has it kept recurring? Lately, a few twists have been added to the dream.  The man has an eerie smile.  He looks at her as if he wants to devour her.  She feels helpless and frozen.  She fears the massage and the stick.  As she slowly becomes untangled, she realizes what these symbols mean.  He wants to touch her genitals.  He wants her to touch him in the same way.  “It’s alright”, he says, “no one will ever know”.  She feels sick to her stomach and wants to throw up. She can’t stand the dream anymore.  She’s feeling panic.  She suspects sexual abuse but can’t believe that it is possible. But it is!


She hears one expert after another, on television, radio and in the press, discuss this very topic with themes that are already too familiar.  They reveal that one in three females and one in four males have been victims of childhood sexual abuse. She also hears that many incidents of abuse have never been reported.  She realizes the odds are high and sinks into a depression.  She begins to seriously consider that this may be true for her.

Her girlfriend suggests she see a therapist, which our dreamer reluctantly agrees to do.  The therapist helps her address her worst fears.  All the signs are there.  She is urged to check within and ask herself “does it feel true?”  “Yes”, she asserts and then breaks into tears, looking totally bewildered and devastated.  Her body shakes with the realization.  Her defenses crack and crumble.  “What do I do now?” she asks.  “You work it through”, is the reply.  “I will help you” the therapist responds.  “Here are some books to read that lay out a path we can follow together. You will get through this.  I will be right there beside you every step of the way and for as long as you need me.”


The devastating realization sinks in.  “I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse.  Oh my God, what am I going to do?”. “Breathe”, the therapist urges.  “Don’t forget to breathe”.  And here we have the beginnings of a process which repeats itself thousands of times a day as men and women everywhere come to grips with childhood sexual abuse or the great variety of similar traumas that have left an indelible mark on their psyche.


Throughout history there has never been a shortage of such travesties, abuses and traumas.  The difference is that today people are willing and wanting to confront these issues, and there is help available for them.  Victims no longer hide in shame and hope the traumatic images and memories will just go away.  People are now aware that will never happen, and they are willing to share their stories with others.


  This is what we are seeing around us, on television, radio talk shows and autobiographical stories.  People are opening up and revealing their truth.  One’s woundedness is completely acceptable as a topic for discussion. Once an individual has embarked on that path, we know they have taken evolution into their own hands, and made it a conscious process. And that’s the way it goes, this active pursuit of self-acceptance and forgiveness for one’s abusers. One’s devotion to the truth and pursuit of true freedom is undertaken no matter what the cost.


You don’t have to know everything to make Life work.  What you must know is how to get what you need.  Once you know this, you can manage any eventuality.  The conspiracy of silence that has dominated our culture for many generations goes the way of the dinosaur.  This pattern is relegated to a dark past of our history, the last vestiges of the ‘era of sleep’ that we are now exiting.  Conscious evolution has staked its claim and is being accepted as the new wave.  Our God nature is at work moving us into conscious evolution and preparing us for the changes ahead.  Those who bemoan the new era in favor of the silence of the past are stuck and will remain behind.  Every era has had its proponents and its holdouts and both groups ultimately contribute to the changes taking a firm hold.


Now we move to another subject.  One that affects us all and leaves us bewildered at the same time.  I am speaking of our relationship to God, the Great Creator, the Energy that animates us all.  If the process of evolution is becoming more conscious, then how does God fit into the picture?  It might seem absurd to us that the Creator would actually ever lose sight of its God Self.  But that is precisely what has happened to us as Gods in the human body.


      We started out as God wanting to experiment in one of the Universe’s many playgrounds, but we lost sight of our origin during the unfolding of our earthly drama.  Now, we are seeking to retrieve ourselves. This was not part of the original plan as I understand it, but we fell asleep, nevertheless. We are now proceeding on a course that requires us to participate consciously as masters of our own fate. 


To retrieve our God Self, we must go inward.  If I am the Source of greatness and abundance, then there is only one place to look for that which I misplaced.  That is what the woman unveiling sexual abuse is doing.  She is looking inward.  She is not looking for her God Self at first glance, but eventually that is what she will find.  Her woundedness will lead her to that lost treasure.  The original wound and her subsequent repression closed her off from that reality when it became cloaked in defenses.  But the wound in need of healing will take her back to that rupture.  She will retrieve what was lost as she sticks to her healing journey.  Recovery books of every stripe tell us so.  All the 12 step programs are imbued with this very premise. 


God works in mysterious ways.  Well yes, maybe. But what is so mysterious about looking inward?  Whenever anything malfunctions, we look inside to see what is happening within.  We need to understand how it works to understand the malfunction.  Our human psychology and emotional functioning can be understood through the intent to move inward.  That which animates us is completely fathomable if we pursue that avenue of inquiry.  Addictions and similar defensive strategies keep us from asking these questions.  Defenses will crumble once they are challenged.


It would appear that we live in one of the most addictive times in human history.  It begs the question, what are we so afraid of? I believe it is psychic and emotional pain.  Dealing with this pain keeps many wounded people away from the help they need.  Governments make millions of dollars offering products and services that help keep us numb.  They supply us with major distractions and keep us coming back for more.  Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, gambling, all government controlled and subsidized. Ironically, these revenues are used to assist the very population that they first sought to seduce. Here we have a vicious circle.  We have the choice, we know that, but many of us still fall prey to one or more of these addictions, especially during times of vulnerability when our wounds are causing distress.


We would do well to understand this process of addiction and numbing out through these distractions that are socially sanctioned and government supported.  The vicious cycle turns again, and now we have wars on drugs and all their toxic counterparts.  We focus on everything except the real problem in these situations, which includes our hungry hearts and our souls yearning for nourishment. Such a war should not be against the substance or process of addiction.  There will always be more of these substances, and we imbue them with too much power.  Illegal drugs aside, socially sanctioned prescription medications and gambling facilities can take us into their grip and enslave us just as well.  They are not the culprit, nor are the governments, big business or organized crime who are capitalizing on these weaknesses.  The problem lies within us, our woundedness and our separation from the Self and our Divine aspect.


A state of grace does not have to be legislated or purchased. It is free!  Look inward!  Look inward and find your true Self waiting to be acknowledged. This is the journey consistently depicted in every hero myth; the quest, the struggle and the enlightenment.


We are preparing for a major leap forward in our evolution, one that requires our conscious participation.  There is no doubt of that.  As we look forward to this emerging millennium, we must ask ourselves for what is it that we hope?  We no longer want denial, addiction and unconscious fumbling. We want something different this time, something radically different.


Not a utopia, but a conscious pilgrimage to the center of our being, a well worn and discernable path to God.  No frills, no extras, no fancy affairs.  I want a full fledged embrace of the Divine within me and all the healing that this choice can muster.  We desperately need this now.  We need to go forward, and this is the path to follow.  We cannot fail when guided by the Divine that lives within each of us.  God’s neighborhood is the human heart, our feeling center. We will not find this center at a church, synagogue or temple. We will find it in our heart, at the center of our being.  That Divine aspect is ours to retrieve. And I believe that is why we are here.


We are at the threshold of a new era, one that requires our conscious participation.  We can no longer afford to be pushed and prodded by life in a seemingly random and aimless fashion.  By taking hold of ourselves, we can change the course of our destiny, and that of the planet.  Imagine being on a bus and not knowing where it is going.  That would be unacceptable.  We need to know where we are going and have some say in how the journey is to proceed. The journey is the destination.


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