Contact With My Personal Guides

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Hello friends. :) I was inspired by a couple friends of mine to begin real contact with my personal guides. Until now I have been only communicating with a whole host of ascended masters, souls from Agartha, and of course our Pleiadian friends who's First Contact team I have been apart of for quite a while. I felt it healthy to begin contact and channels with those souls closest to me, those who are with me at all times. I called upon my guides and asked them to name themselves for me, here is the resulting message:

Me: I would like all of my guides who are with me now to state your names if such is your wish:

I AM Archangel Michael

I AM Archangel Gabriel

I AM Archangel Hatton

I AM Adama

I AM Archangel Wesley (aspect of my higher self)

I AMĀ  Solara

Me: Are these beings named above, the beings I communicate with on a regular basis?

My Guides: Indeed dear soul. We are some of the closest souls to you, and as you have already figured out, Archangel Wesley is in fact yourself after you have ascended. We have been awaiting you to pick up on our specific presence, as we would Love to really begin communicating with you personally and publicly. We have much to discuss with you dear soul, but in regards to that subject, all in good time. For now we are very excited that you are picking upon us.

Thank you friends. Now, with regards to Archangel Wesley, is he with you all communicating with me at present?

AAW: Of course I am Wesley! As you know we exist outside of the confines of time, how does it feel knowing you are in direct communication with your Higher Self? I have much to teach you, much the same way you wish you could go back a couple of years and teach that 'you' some things about Life and Spirit. Only now I am blessed to have said communication with you!!

Me: This is all very wondreful, and crazy. Adama, I noticed you have been a bit quiet. I have never specifically communicated with you before, is there anything you wish to tell me?

Adama: Dear Wesley, I have not been as quiet as you think! Indeed, I was the one who lead the one you call 'Deneb' to place those facts about substances before you. Those were my words as well, and I highly reccommend you do go back and read some of it. I meant every word dear soul.

Me: Thank you all dearly for having this contact with me, I look forward to our future conversations. During my next session I will allow more time to hear all of you individually, and then have you all speak together. Does that sound good my friends?

My Guides: Dear Wesley, that sounds wonderful. We are delighted and honoured to be in your presence, actively communicating with you.

Thank you to my guides.

-So wow, it was quite an eye-opening experience communicating directly with an ascended aspect of myself. There are many beings on that list whom I have never contacted for the purposes of channeling, and whom I had no desire to do so as there are already plenty of souls channeling them. However, for the purpose of guidance, I AM to begin posting these messages from my guides if I see fit. Thank you friends, and much Love!! :D-