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President Obama's Situation as I See It

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Written by Wes Annac

While I haven’t been following politics very closely for what to me is a good reason, as the election is coming up in the United States we are seeing much circulated about President Obama, Mitt Romney and the outcome of who is elected president. We have heard that much is riding on this election; not for any political reasons but for reasons of steering this Earth into the Golden Age we have all been working toward.

I would like to give my two cents and my opinion, knowing that it could likely be different from yours. I don’t wish to turn this into a full-blown debate about Obama, but simply give my opinion and ask that it is respected, just as I would respect the opinion of another as long as the person expressing it is themselves respectful. I have unfortunately talked with plenty of people, my own mother included, who do not believe in President Obama.

Many people feel that he had the chance and failed, and it can be disparaging for any Obama supporter to continually meet a wall of criticism of the President; sometimes, moreso than what was given to both of the Bushes. Whenever Bush showed us how against the will of the people his administration and those behind the curtain truly are, the presidential position was automatically put under much more scrutiny.

However, Bush had the advantage of being aligned with the far-right and controlled aspects of the American mainstream media, who were much less critical of him than they have been of President Obama.

I guess I should go ahead and say that I wholeheartedly support President Obama and do feel that he should be reelected and that, as some have suggested, his reelection is critical to the unfolding of the Golden Age. This is my opinion and again, may be different from yours but all perspectives should be considered and respected.

September brings us Our Conscious Realization of Infinity

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to September. We face now a new month, a chance to enact endless opportunities that now stand waiting at our door. The increased energies being sent in since late June have been ever increasing and we are to see these energies boosted even more here in September. August and the summer months were big months for emotional and astral clearning, and for many of us the heightened energies have helped us do just that. Wave after wave of souls have begun to discover the subtle worlds and realities that exist so delicately yet firmly within themselves, and many have found in these lands their spiritual guides just waiting to make contact with them. As we head further into September I can see more and more awakening to this knowledge.

Friends we are heading to infinity. With the realization that we are able to enter and come out of the infinite astral planes of reality at will, will come our true freedom and sovereignty. I have heard our Divine friends say that sovereignty is not an outward condition as much as it is a state of mind, a state of Living, a state of BEing. The broken up dark cabals see our conscious return to the astral planes as the worst thing that could happen for them as that return will solidify our awakening to the infinity present in us at all times. Enter fully what you term your ‘imagination’ as you will be entering your long held Divine astral planes, where anything is possible, where you are infinite at all times. Friends let me take you now on a journey into the astral planes of your mind, of your soul.

The Ascended Masters: "We are to See Earth's Golden Age Manifest Beautifully"

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Blessings to all dear souls connecting with our energy, we are your Ascended Masters and guides. You have all been undergoing many upheavals in your personal lives that have cleared your emotional and ethereal bodies to great heights. As a result of this we are now able to send much more pure forms of Love through your being. Many of you can likely attest to this. Dear souls, the upheavles that have been taking place personally and worldwide are not without reason, these upheavels were necessary to make room for the Divine manifestations of your new Golden Age, your new Divine Lives. It has been a beautiful process, one that you all have been initiating to your greatest capabilities. We are so proud of all of you, because of your efforts we are to see Earth's Golden Age manifest beautifully.

Many of you through astral travel have begun visiting our Divine lands and Holy areas that were quite familiar to you before your venture on Earth. Your increasing awareness of these travels is a result of the aforementioned clearing of your bodies and chakras. Now that so much of your past has been trasmuted by your efforts, the darkness you harbored for so long is gone from you as well, leaving room for your Divine abilities to once again come into your focus. Dear souls, these places you are going when in the land you used to refer to as your 'imagination' are very real. As many already know, you have many more layers of being beyond your physical body. Many aspects of the oversoul that is you are traveling to different and once familiar places every moment, and now you are tapping into these travels and directing them. Some of you may not yet realize you are doing this, but that time will come very quickly.

Who is SanJAsKa?

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My dear friends, it has recently come to my attention that I have been channeling words from a being that nobody 'round here really knows much about. I am sure many have been wondering, who is this SanJAsKa person? I noticed a couple of web searches wondering exactly that. Well friends, I would like to tell you just who SanJAsKa is based on how much I already know about her*.

SanJAsKa is a soul from a planet in the Pleiadian star system. My guess would be that the planet she is from is Erra, as that is the Pleiadian planet I used to inhabit before my venture on Earth. SanJAsKa is represented within the Galactic Federation of Light, mainly the Pleiadian High Council of the GFL and the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I wish I could tell you that I knew the difference between those two Pleiadian councils, but sadly I do not. I am told that SanJAsKa is the representative of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, which is why I first connected with her energy when I began trying to reach my former Pleiadian allies.

SanJAsKa has been very much involved in Earth's history, recent or not, as have been quite a few members of the Pleiadian races. The Pleiadians are among the galactic species that look most like Earth humans, so much so that many on Earth would not be able to tell a Pleaidian apart from a human. Ellie Miser is a good example of this. (1)

SanJAsKa has been among the many extraterrestrials that continued contact with humanity after the fall of Atlantis. I am told that the most recent communication and decloaking of craft that SanJAsKa was involved in took place in the 50s, mainly 1953. It has been proven that extraterrestrials were in fact in regular contact with many humans on Earth up until recently. (2)

SanJAsKa: "You Have Shown Incredible Skill and Patience in Manifesting Ascension"

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Dear souls, I AM SanJAsKa. I come to you on this most beautiful of nights to share my perspective of Love and Wisdom. We wish for you all to know that you are entering a critical stage in your evolution, one that will require you to be sharp in mind and pure in heart. It is now time to let the earthly patterns you have been used to go, as they are a part of the old that is breaking away and cannot venture with you into the higher vibrations. Many of you as of late have been feeling somewhat held back, this is due to your continued dependence on material things to sustain happiness. Please do not think in any way that we are judging you; we wish you to do what makes you happy at all times, and take part in activities that resonate with you if they bring you Joy. However, we are now entering times where many of you are growing out of what you are used to, ascending past those things that used to give you so much comfort. This is all a part of your ascension process, and one we have alerted you to expect.

Message from The Pleiadian High Council, 8-26-11

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-Channeled by Wes Annac-

-Hello friends, you may notice there is no SanJAsKa update in this message, I intended to chat with her as well but the depth of information I was receiving from the Pleiadian High Council resulted in quite a long message. Worry not however as I was assured the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa were communicating with me along with the Pleiadian High Council. I will most likely communicate soley with SanJAsKa and post it sometime soon. Much Love!-

The time has arrived for a major shift in the way the majority of those on your world think. Many have been trained to accept that they are much lower beings than they actually are, and that they have no control over their own reality when in fact they are the creators of said reality. You have all shown remarkable skill in being able to surpass the dark’s illusory teachings and rise above the lower influences many of you are surrounded with daily. We wish you to know that your efforts are paying off more than you can imagine, oh dear friends the wonders that await you! We ask you to truly ponder this when we tell you that you are to have your sovereignty fully restored, and you are to reclaim your rightful powers as Divine Gods. The lives you currently have are to be changed quite dramatically, we again remind you that you will be very surprised at the speed of the changes despite that some of you feel things have taken too long. Dear souls, the Divine works in wonderful and unfathomable ways, you are to see the scope of our Divine power once we get past this last stage.

The Ascended Masters: "You are All Glorious Gods of Creation"

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Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I wish to speak with you on this fine day. I have some questions for you today and I know you wish to tell us a few things of your own as well.

Ascended Masters: Hello Dear Wesley! We are delighted to be opening up communication with you today. We are so very proud of all of you Lightworkers who continue to hold the line and manifest so many miracles every day, whilst dealing with the daily difficulties of surface Life on Earth. Now, what would you like to know dear soul?

Wes: Thank you friends, here is our first question:

"What is the most beneficial action we can do to help shift the collective conscious of humanity towards the light with out infringing on others free will?
Is there a meditation that we could do that would help benefit Mother Earth and humanity?"

Acclipthys: The Ascended City in the Sky

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Whenever I go deep into meditation, lately I have been connecting with many ascended beings whom have been showing me their ascended cities in the sky. They have taken me to be apart of their many Love giving rituals, these rituals are so beautiful and harminous and earthly words are quite scarce to describe the experience. One of these rituals, we were in a stone-marble ‘hall’ I guess you could call it, and they had me stand in the center of a big group of them as they chanted. It was a Love-giving ceremony, and I was in the center of it.

They all lit up with a Divine golden glow as they began expressing their higher dimensional Love and sending it to the core of our dear host Gaia. This Love infused itself and merged with my soul, and I found that I was also giving this Love. Collectively we all began to hover upwards with the Love we were giving, and at this point we were all glowing with the golden aura of Harmony and Joy as we gave this Love. The next part of the process is one that is quite hard to describe, but in a nutshell we all became this Love we were giving, and as this Divine Love we traveled to the core of Gaia where we were then transported to many areas of the world, where this Love that we were incarnate as began cleansing many areas and souls. We performed miracles as this Love and we literally changed people’s lives, it was certainly a ceremony I’ll never forget.

There had to of been literally millions of advanced souls performing these rituals and inhabiting these ascended cloud cities, but there were a few that were in a group whom I am closest with as they are my guides. These souls are Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Hatonn, and if my memory is correct I also believe my guide Solara was there. I’m sure there were more of my guides with us, but my earthly memory can’t remember every detail, though I dearly wish I could!


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