Coordinates Received

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Thank you for your commemorations towards the galactic associates which works by your sides daily for the advances which are made by our associates here on Earth.

The time it takes for us to realize concepts in emergence of codes required in additional or throughout additional constructs can be attended, prospected on frequencies which have shifted and heralds energetic accords which sustains hyper imperative routes.

The galactic conflagrations are made daily with prospects achieved by internal coding’s which supply us with routes which sustains the probabilistic future contact trips we will have with individuals working out in the clouds.

To sustain accords of divinations we should supply you with new commands which will herald energetic accords that keeps the group formations active as for we supplement data acquis in terminal velocity capture codes for you to commemorate at better expenses the energy which is utilized daily.

We suspect that according to our inherited abilities, the accounts which are still open can concurrently be closed for an amount of 26 to 27 days as for we are interplaying links to higher cosmic powers (forces) which works on temporal velocity grids for internal structuring and mapping.

Thank you for your sustenance with us as for the initiative causes of the messages which came from beings coalescing operations which sustains hyper transmissible routes, contends to initiative roles which are keen in compositions which links this document to factions outside the Earth's orbital fields.

We now transgress to new measures which should help us give the right formulations for the next assimilation waves which conducts internal analysis (codes) interchanging frequencies which are attenuated by us for individuals in need of higher understandings in their roles.

Be at One, Namaste