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This represents two types of material from a UFO space ship. The two on the left, is from a hot landing, where a spaceship came into our atmosphere too fast. It has been analyzed and determined that the material could not be produced in our atmosphere. It is from near the Mexico border, Arizona and New Mexico. A deep impression was left in the little used highway that suggested something very hot had landed. Some of this material was found embedded in the asphalt and in the desert on each side of the highway, the size of a football field. My Shaman friend recovered all the material that he could find. The road was soon repaired that hid all traces of the event.
The black material to the right, is from a UFO crash in 1947, just outside St. Joseph, Missouri, shortly after the Roswell crash. It was an orb or probe of some kind. The farmer did not want the Feds coming around, so he covered it after it had cooled down enough to get near it. It stayed covered for almost fifty years. Near the time of the crash, many witnesses reported seeing UFO's in the sky near St. Joseph. It was mentioned in the newspaper dated, July 11, 1947. My Shaman friend, made it available for spiritual seekers, for years. It is virtually gone now. I did see a large chunk of the material once. I took a piece of the black crystal with me to Peru. I met with a native shaman and spent the day doing Ceremony with him at Machu Picchu. I handed it to him and asked what impressions he received from it. I was amused by his expression when he really looked at me surprised and bewildered. In broken English, he indicated fire or energy and made reference to UFO's. After that, he did not see me as some white tourist wanting a spiritual souvenir to tell all his friends. The ceremony was a deeply spiritual experience. When I got back to the states, I went to see an acquaintance who had a deep connection to stones and made Angels out of them. I asked him to hold the black stone and give me his impression. He looked at me bewildered, and said, "This is what is missing in our Solar technology' This stores energy." Yes this CSD is unique material. It has come to me and it is a tool for communication with my Star family. It is not meant as a sensation. It is a serious tool for my work. I have been guarded about showing this material to others and now I am posting it so anyone may see and read about it.
Blessings of Love and Light..........................

Melody, who wrote "Love is in the Earth" books, wrote about this CSD in her book, "Supplement Z", pages 80-81. I have included part of what she had to say:

"CSD has provided contact with n-dimensional beings of extra-terrestrial origin, bringing information with respect to technological advances, innovative metal-working techniques, advanced healing methodology, music and art development, and elevated alchemy. The contact has always been one of harmony, accord, and scientific communication.

It has further enhanced "highs" associated with both physical and mental pursuits. It has also been used in games of levitation to assist in the initial elevation.

The material is thought to be "expulsion material from the gravity amplifier" of a galactic ship. It has facilitated both non-physical time travel and universal-travel, assisting the user to gain entrance through the dimensional doorway and to proceed to the pre-determined (and/or the non-pre-determined) site

It is also a "stone of survival", bringing knowledge of emergency actions and endurance, and supporting sustaining energies. It has been used to dissolve negativity, to raise consciousness and conscious understanding of that which is not apparent within this physical reality, and to act as a promoter/the expediter for physical and n-dimensional pursuits.

CSD has been used in the treatment of leukemia, tumors, fevers, and obesity, to assist in brain-wave regulation, and to enhance the immune system. It is assigned to all astrological signs. It vibrates to numbers 6 (Crash Site Debris), and 8 (CSD)"