Create Camaraderie in the World

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God said:

There is no such thing as the poor, the rich; the beautiful, the ugly; the good, the bad; the worthy, the worthless; the white, the black; the guilty, the innocent; republicans or democrats; Christians or Muslims; the young, the old; the honest, the dishonest; the brave, the cowardly; the washed, the unwashed. Do you understand Me? Only in the world are there opposites. Do not call out a name that you cast as defamed. You are to create camaraderie in the world.

Certainly, don’t set up boundaries. Instead, create the boundless. Without a glance, you may flaunt the use of words with opposites. Without even looking, you may tend to categorize people without a care in the world. You may, in fact, feel smug about your position as though you are the end of a see-saw that goes up when someone goes down.

I say categorically that everyone is a mixed bag. Even the beautiful do not always appear beautiful, and someone you might judge as ugly may grow on you. It is ugly to identify anyone, including yourself, as ugly. Which is worth more -- good feelings or good looks? You are choosing every minute of the day.

Your mind plucks the idea of groups. People themselves may don cloaks, yet there is no such collection of people, no such union. There are only people. Stereotypes are made up rudely. There are people who wear maids’ uniforms or nurses’ uniforms or clown outfits or blue jeans. Underneath all the names and clothing are simply people of all kinds, and no two are alike. Each one has a heart that beats. Each yearns for something more.

No longer can you stuff individuals on a shelf and leave them there. What a dismissive way to narrow opportunity.

The world is made of assorted people. Every fingerprint is unique. Every person is unique. People can be lumped as prisoners or guards, diners or waiters, masters or slaves. The thing is they are people, and people grow. Open your eyes.

Close your eyes if you want to make less of people, yet recognize that you are intended to see the identities of people far more deeply than by name-calling. Who are you to proclaim what another human Being is or is not? When you make such calls, you make yourself small. Self-righteousness isn’t righteous at all.

When you limit another, you limit yourself. You cut out your Heart and offer your Heart to an altar of ego.

What do you think I mean when I say: “Hallowed is thy name.” This goes for everyone.

If you want to be a name-caller, there are many beautiful and wise names to choose from. What you call another, you hear. What you hear, particularly what you hear again and again, may well become a vibration you really don’t want to acquire. There is no way you lower another without casting yourself down. Don’t be quick to limit any other.

When you call someone else a fool, who is the fool?

If you want to build yourself up higher than you are, if you have this need to be greater, to this end, build others. Let uplifting others be on your mind, for so as you treat others, so do you treat yourself. If you want to grow bigger by making others smaller, forget it.

When you help others to see themselves as I do see, you help yourself, others, and the world. If you desire to make a mark in the world, this is the mark you want to make.

When you make the world a better place to live in, then the world you live in becomes a better place for you to live in. What you serve others, you serve yourself. What you do reaches you.

It is no sacrifice to love one another. This is the Open Sesame to Heaven. Raise Earth and you raise a wonderful world. I am not the only One Who Creates the world. You have a hand in it too.

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