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A Crystalink Site

A very informative website connecting both science and metaphysics is:  www.crystalinks.com.  Ellie Crystal is the designer of this website.  In addition, she has been a part of various documentaries such as one in reference to "Nostradamus" that aired on The History Channel. Through the past fifteen years, I have enjoyed crossing paths with so VERY many indiviudals and groups (such as lightworkers) who each and ALL seem to be interconnected thereby reflecting who we are as members of the Human Lifewave.  There are times when I might have a skewed perception of one's information they are sharing, but I have learned to keep an openned mind.  In due time, I shall add to my page an introduction of myself and those events I have been blessed to experience through this incarnation; and while some of those experiences may be more advanced, I myself am just a babe attempting to take my first step.  Mahalo, and aloha, piinfinitytildesmiley