Daily Message ~ Friday April 2, 2021

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Dear Ones, you can’t have presence without being willing to feel. Feeling allows you to have the full experience. Feeling doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you are uncomfortable with diving into feeling fully, you can slowly enter and explore your feelings, much like you would if you were entering a body of water and you were unsure of the temperature.

Allowing yourself to fully feel is a skill many empaths have shut down due to their sensitivities. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Start where you are, right now. Are you warm? Are you cold? Tired or energized? Are you comfortable in your body? From the space of your inner wise one, ask your human self how you are feeling. How about your inner child?

Feeling gives you information. It puts you in your body, with awareness, in the Now moment. You can grow this skill, like any other. And you have worked so hard to have a body and and be present on the planet at this time. Isn’t it time to allow yourself the full experience? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

I had such a great time connecting with John Burgos last night on Beyond The Ordinary (talk about dedication, he did the call from his car!) where we had a wonderful conversation about evolving beyond codependency and did a process to allow you to claim and be comfortable in your own beautiful energetics while still being open to safe, loving connection with others. If you missed it, no worries! You can still catch it by going to www.beyondtheordinaryshow/replays. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!