Daily Message ~ Friday January 1, 2021

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As you step into 2021, you have truly and finally arrived in the new after what might have felt like the world’s longest flight. You have landed where you wished to go, but even though you are on the ground at your destination it will take a while to discover what this new land holds.

Just like landing at an airport, it still takes a while to get off the plane, shake off the discomfort of a long flight, collect your luggage, and find a way to where you wish to stay for a while. Even though you are in the new, it can initially be difficult to really get a feel for where you are. You are indoors so you have no sense of climate or the features of your new landscape. It may feel exactly the same as many other airports you have been in.

Don’t let that fool you, Dear Ones. You have landed. Give yourself some time to stretch your legs, get some food and rest, and acclimatize to your new environment, and before you know it you will be off exploring and discovering this next exciting phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young