Daily Message ~ Monday March 29, 2021

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Dear Ones, more and more you are being redirected back into your Now moment. You may experience this as not knowing what your next steps are or how to proceed. While this may seem frustrating to you, it is actually serving you in a very profound way. It is causing you to focus on the only thing you do know for sure, which is your present moment.

The present moment is your power base. It is where all your future moments are born from. It is the womb of all creation.

So rather than resist, why not explore your Now moment. (We capitalize it because it is sacred.) What is working for you, right now? What have you already created masterfully? What are you grateful for? Can you take the gift of the spaciousness that occurs as you surrender into your Now moment and breathe it in with gratitude? What is your next natural, highest step from there? What is supported or calling you right now? If you still don’t know, settle into your beingness and know that is more than enough.

Your presence is a skill that the times you are in are helping to hone. It will serve you well, not just for your todays, but also for your tomorrows because it is through your presence that you can practice gratitude, use your positive focus, and acknowledge your own mastery, all of which are elements that work together to steer your flow. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hi everyone, I’m back! I’m feeling so much better, and happy to be back connecting with you all. I wanted to thank you for your lovely notes of support, your healing vibes, and well wishes. They helped me so much!

I had mentioned that all courses were on sale while I was off work. I’ll leave them up for the sale price until the end of March in case you wanted to take advantage of that pricing, since you didn’t know when I’d be back. Just use the coupon code MARCHFORTH to get $50 off. I’m back to seeing clients again, too, for private sessions, so if you’d like to book you can email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com.

Also, several of you have inquired about how Holly has been doing. She’s doing wonderfully! I switched her onto a different kidney supplement called Astro’s Oil and it has made such a huge difference. She hasn’t needed any subcutaneous treatments at all since she’s been on it! I highly recommend it. And of course, she’s been stuck to me like glue through all of this, and such a comforting presence as I healed.

Okay, I think you are officially caught up! Thank you, again, for all your love and support. You are all truly appreciated! xo