Daily Message ~ Monday September 25, 2017

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The universe is continually adjusting to match your intentions and desires. Have you ever had a thought of a small, random thing you would like and had it show up for you out of the blue, as if by magic? The reason it happened so quickly and easily was because there was absolutely no resistance toward it, which allowed it to manifest for you with complete ease and efficiency.

True surrender is the grease to your manifestations. If things are coming together with ease, you know you are in a beautiful, completely non-resistant flow of creation. If it seems things are not coming together with ease, it is because they are in the process of adjusting and taking on form behind the scenes, in ways that are absolutely perfect for you. Surrender with faith, trust, and acceptance for the highest outcome, with the certainty all is being taken care of. Whether you can see it or not, there is always a process in motion that is continually adjusting to serve you and your wants and needs.

Know that you are an empowered creator with a team on hand whose greatest joy is to serve you. Choose your dream and allow the universe to embellish it in ways that are greater than you could ever imagine. You can rest assured the universe launches into action the second you decide what you would like to do next in the playground of experience you call earth. ~Archangel Gabriel