Daily Message ~ Saturday May 29, 2021

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One of the greatest gifts of being a human being is you get to try on many different beliefs. These beliefs evolve over time as your wisdom and awareness grows. This is a wonderful thing, and yet another way you experience expansion and flow. They key is to allow others the right to their beliefs understanding it is part of their own evolution.

Please be aware, Dear Ones, if you begin to think you are more right than others or start making others wrong for what they believe, you can inadvertently slip into a false sense of superiority which only fans the flames of separation and is quite contrary to your true goal of supporting the shift through the embodiment of acceptance, peace, unity consciousness, and unconditional love.

So when you perceive others as being wrong, please remember you do not know what their soul wishes to experience. The wrongness that you feel is simply that the choice they are making is not the right choice for you. The only thing you need to know at any given time is what is feels right and aligned for you and your journey and we encourage you to honour the divine right of others to make that discovery for themselves, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young