Daily Message ~ Sunday April 7, 2019

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As you step fully into the next stage of your incarnations as empowered co-creators, navigating your path through your beingness and what would bring you joy, it can initially be difficult to choose what it is you would like to experience because you are working in vastly expanded energies that contain so many potentials and possibilities.

This is much like a small child walking into a huge toy store for the first time. At first, they are awed by the vastness of it all, and can only stand at the doorway and stare.  After a few moments though, they will assimilate into their new environment and be ready to explore with excitement and open expectation.

They don’t know what they want because they haven’t explored the store yet, but they may know that they love dolls so they naturally gravitate to that section. From there, they can choose what would be the best match for them from a variety of options they didn’t even know existed, embracing their expansion with joy and wonder.

The same it is for you in expanded new energies. Explore. Look for the essence of what you love and be willing to be amazed by the new ways it can show up for you that you had never imagined before. Allow your heart and your joy to lead the way and know it is absolutely safe for you to surrender into the full experience of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young