Daily Message ~ Sunday August 27, 2017

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Dear Ones, all growth is an internal decision. You cannot force growth in another, nor can you assume responsibility for what another person does or does not do.

Each and every person has their own soul agenda, their own team of helpers, and is masterful in creating the conditions that are essential for their own evolution and expansion. Sometimes that will involve the dark night of the soul, for it is often from the most painful experiences human beings will move from resistance to surrender, which immediately creates a shift which allows growth and expansion to occur.

We love you for your loving and caring hearts, but please understand that rescuing sends the message the person in question is not capable of taking care of themselves, while encouraging helps a person connect with their own innate power and wisdom.

You are guides on earth, and as such, we urge you to honour the free will of others. Share your advice and opinion if asked. Encourage others to find and embrace their own divine capability. Be powerful teachers by example. Give help in a way that is empowering and honours everyone involved. And know that there is divine wisdom to all of it. ~Archangel Gabriel