Daily Message ~ Sunday January 24, 2021

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There is a false belief system that believes that as long as everything stays the same you will be comfortable. The goal of the universe, of your soul, is continued growth and expansion. To deny this would be trying to resist the natural process of evolution.

Think of insisting upon continually wearing an outfit even though it is too small because you have outgrown it. Trying to stay in the same clothing would only make you more and more uncomfortable.

Allowing your expansion is giving yourself permission to take off clothes that are too small and to feel the relief that comes from embracing who you are now and where your soul, with its wisdom, is trying to lead you. Celebrate your growth and embrace the process, for your unfoldment is a glorious thing and is what allows you the joy and freedom that comes from expressing your ever-evolving self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young