Daily Message ~ Sunday January 3, 2021

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Dear Ones, the energies of any given time will have certain areas of focus. One phase may be about review and release. Another might be about receiving and integration.

One period might be focused on going within, and another might be about expansion. A highlight of a certain time might be healing, while the next might be about discovering what is possible from your latest level of attainment.

As you have discovered by now, there may be certain overall themes but how you navigate within those themes is completely individual and up to you. You are all unique, and have your own strengths, your own soul agendas, your own desires, your own energetics, and your own astrological influences that will make your individual experiences different than anyone else’s while still focusing on that theme in your own way.

There is no one size fits all ascension path, nor is there any one prediction that can be made for the times you are stepping forward into, for you will all experience the themes in ways that are absolutely perfect for you. Further, you are creators, pioneering in brand new energies that are full of new potentials and possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Allow yourselves to have your own experiences, to move with what is supported, and to follow your hearts as empowered co-creators who are driving the shift as you go. If you commit to simply making your best choice in each now moment, you will always be working with your own flow in ways that match your energetics and your highest intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young