Daily Message ~ Sunday May 23, 2021

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As you continue to shift and evolve along your journey, it may create an energetic gap between where you are and where others around you are. This is quite a normal aspect of the shift. This is where your wisdom comes in. If you wish to connect with others who aren’t occupying the same vibrational space as you are, you must meet them where they are.

Different energetic layers open as you move along your enlightenment journey. This is the natural outcome of evolution. What this means is you all have access to energies you have already evolved beyond. You can dip back into them but you would not find it comfortable to stay there.

But people do not have at will access to higher vibrational energies that they have not yet evolved into alignment with. This explains why others can’t understand you or meet you where you are. Simply put, their layer is open to you but yours is not open to them yet.

So we highly recommend if you are wishing to connect with others that you meet them in the middle. With your love and compassion, feel into the highest energetic point they are capable of and connect with them there. There is always a point, if you approach with understanding and openness and a willingness to simply accept people where they are where you can connect.

We suggest using the universal desires for peace, safety, acceptance, and acknowledgement as your common denominators, for those are the points where hearts can open to each other.~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young